What If..? New Marvel Season Includes Indigenous Super Hero

What If..? New Marvel Season Includes Indigenous Super Hero

One of your favorite Marvel series, “What If…?”  has now come with season 2, which will have 9 episodes.

In fact, season 2 is set to premiere on Disney+ in early 2023. It’s an animated anthology series that flips the script on the MCU.

This series focuses on different heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and tells their famous tales. Both series create a multiverse of infinite possibilities and introduce new Super Heroes to Marvel followers. One of the new characters is the Marvel Super Hero Kahhori, which is expected to win the hearts of spectators.

What If..?  season 2 revolves around what would happen if the tesseract landed on our planet in the sovereign Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Though we have seen tesseract in different Marvel stories, this series has given it a new angle and mythology. You will see the adventurous journey of a young Mohawk woman, Kahhori, on a quest to discover her power.

Since the Marvel Hero, Kahhori, has been shown to have close-knit with Mohawk Nation, the seasons are created in collaboration with members of the Mohawk Nation like Doug George (historian). Mohawk language expert, Cecelia King, has also played a great role in bringing cultural authenticity to the episodes. 

marvel native american super hero

The Mohawk perspective of the series and its historical and unique touch will offer an engaging, and entertaining view of the Mohawk culture, people, and traditions. While the story is functional, the presentation of people, language, and other things will give the story an authentic look. The best part is that the season is made by the cooperation of the Mohawk people- from clothes decisions and dialogue to culture and regalia.

Kahhori is a Wolf Clan name that defines someone who encourages those around her. It primarily means “she stirs the forest.” In this series, Kahhori will live up to her name by proving to be a light of rays for her people and motivating people to fight. She will strongly fight with enemies and change the course of history forever.

Story Editor Matthew Chauncey, Executive Producer A.C. Bradley, Director Bryan Andrews, and every production team member have worked closely with the Mohawk nation to ensure to showcase the real women of the Mohawk. This approach also helped the team to include traditional Mohawk music in the series.

Kahhori will be among the best additions to the Marvel Super Heroes list. Her Debut in What If..?  will surprise viewers and entertain them with her amazing superpowers.

Feature image courtesy of Marvel.

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    I believe they should about time now. They have a Native Woman Heroine in Prey taking place way before 1986 Predator in the early 1700’s. She preformed some pretty super hero battles with the alien hunter. Since most Indigenous Peoples respected nature they should have the hero being able to use nature as their power as Storm controls weather.

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