True By Wayne Silas Jr.

Posted By Paul G March 18th, 2013 Last Updated on: March 17th, 2013

Wayne is a Fancy Feather War Dancer, and has been blessed with many awards and achievements on the competitive Pow-Wow circuit. As a Fancy Dancer he has won five Title Championship from the Gathering of Nations, and the 2009 World Class Title from the United Tribes Technical College Pow-Wow in Bismarck, North Dakota. In addition, he has been blessed with many singing titles while singing with various drum groups including eight Title Championships from the Schemitzun World Championship Festival and the 2004 World Class Title Championship from Gathering of Nations.

Wayne's latest release “True” includes lyrics of tales of infatuation, yearning and pure love, he expresses the romantic life of a modern Native American man through the rhythms of the Round Dance. By honoring the traditions of his ancestors within the world of today, Wayne Silas, Jr. makes a powerful statement encouraging all to stay true to their Native roots.

This release has lead to a nomination at the Native American Music Awards in the Best Male Artist category.

PowWows.com was able to speak to Wayne about his new release.

Who composed the songs on “True”?

Most of the songs are composed by me. Other song makers who contributed to this album are Shane Webster, Jason Kingbird, Joe Syrette, & my 11 yr old son Floyd Wayne Silas III.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration mainly comes more from artistic expressions rather than self experience. Movies, pop songs, fictional stories. As far as the songs I compose, I have my own distinct process. I randomly come up with lyrics & then wait until a tune “pops in my head”. Once I have the vocable melody, then I attempt plugging in lyrics.

Which singers have influenced you?

I can go on for days listing singers that have inspired me & helped me. So many legends who have given us a path to choose. I am truly grateful for their teachings & talent.

What is “True” about?

This cd is called TRUE. I named it after my niece who's name is True Ann Danforth. She is very special to me & my family. The title fit so well because not only is it her name, but it also defines an aspect of romance through these songs as well as a definition of our existence as Indigenous people of this land.

Listen to Samples

True is distributed by Canyon Records. Visit Canyon Records for more great Native American Music.


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