Tribal Directory On Your Phone – TeePee App

Tribal Directory On Your Phone – TeePee App

Finally, a Native-specific app is created and available to the general population. Miguel Douglas, of the Puyallup tribe, created the new mobile app, which “acts as a digital directory, providing users with the resources to contact each of the 573+ federally recognized Tribes, their enterprises as well as Alaska Native Corporations.”

Douglas is the lead designer at Belle & Belle, a creative consulting company, and he is also currently the executive director and editor-in-chief at American Indian Republic, which is “is committed to widening the public discourse on the contemporary American Indian experience.”

Before TeePee fully came to mind, Douglas had created an app specifically for the Puyallup tribe—the Puyallup Tribe Directory app—which ultimately received over 2,000 downloads and solidified the idea that Douglas needed to create something similar for a larger audience.

The TeePee app key features include:

  • Detailed information for all 573 federally recognized Tribes.
  • Detailed information is available for all significant tribal organizations and Alaskan corporations.
  • Information includes name, leader, address, phone number, fax number, email address, website, and social media channels.
  • Historical background on every Tribe.
  • Map functionalities to quickly locate and access directions to your chosen destination.
  • Search function to find Tribes, organizations, and corporations quickly.
  • The ability for users to create accounts to save their favorite locations, as well as submit reviews for Tribes, organizations and corporations.

Douglas’ hope is that Indigenous communities can become more connected and involved with one another by utilizing the information within the app.

Douglas states, “Bringing Indigenous communities together through technological measures is but one step in course-correcting and taking control of our ability to connect once again.”

Download the TeePee app on your iOS device and/or iPadOS today for $4.99 here:


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    Randall Foltyniewicz


    When will this be available on android?

    Thank you.

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    The app is not free🤦🏽‍♀️

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