Tony Hawk helps Navajo Nation Community Build a Skatepark

Tony Hawk helps Navajo Nation Community Build a Skatepark

Tony Hawk is the most famous skateboarder ever!  He has sold thousands of boards and has his name on a popular video game.

Recently, Hawk and Navajo Nation President BuuNygren visited a skatepark in New Mexico and showed off their skateboarding skills. This was part of the opening celebrations for the Diné Skate Garden Project in Two Grey Hills, a remote community in the Navajo Nation.

Tony Hawk helps Navajo Nation community build skatepark

Nygren has long admired Hawk, and it was his childhood dream to meet him. Not only did he meet him, but he also got to show off his skateboard skills. The project in a small community between Gallup and Shiprock had been ongoing for years, and Tony Hawk’s organization took part in its funding. Hawk dropped by to check out the park for himself but was later joined by the Navajo Nation President.

Check out the tricks from the Navajo Nation president!

Navajo Nation president goes skateboarding with Tony Hawk

The skatepark opened in October 2022 and was celebrated again in April 2023 with a grand opening featuring Hawk. The DinéSkate Garden was established by local organizers of the Navajo Nation community with help from Hawk’s “The Skatepark Project.”

The Project is dedicated to bringing skate opportunities to underserved communities. Over the years, the project hopes to advertise the world to Diné customs and its deep-rooted culture. Before the opening of the skatepark, the place couldn’t finance a dedicated space for play and recreation; when COVID-19 hit, the situation became especially difficult for children and young adults in the community.

Tony Hawk’s The Skatepark Project provided a grant of $30,000 to fund the dedication and hard work of the community who have brought the Skate Garden to life.

In June 2022, the Nouns DAO and the Skatepark Project provided 100 skateboards to young adults who attended the summer program led by 4KINSHIP. During the grand opening, the Skatepark Project also provided helmets to kids who received the skateboards last summer to enjoy the new space safely.

To this day, more than 600 grant recipients from The Skatepark Project have opened their parks. The initiative came to life after Hawk received thousands of emails from children and parents throughout the US who didn’t have access to a safe and legal place to skate and, in some instances, even got arrested for skating on public property.

In response to these grievances, Hawk planned to create a nonprofit organization with a mission to serve this part of the population. He wanted to help them develop safe and accessible spots to practice skateboarding that offers much-needed exercise and a sense of accomplishment. In 2002, he built a Tony Hawk Foundation and assembled a Board of Directors with a wide range of expertise and backgrounds. 

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