Tips for Planning Your Pow Wow Trips

Tips for Planning Your Pow Wow Trips

Pow Wow season is almost here!

Are you ready to hit the road?

Our Pow Wow Calendar is filling up quickly, we are adding events every week.  It is time to plan what Pow Wows you are going to hit this year!

We've compiled tips from some of our favorite sites.  Be sure to visit their sites for more great travel tips.

Things To Do Before Your Trip has great lists of things to do 3 months before, two days before, the day before, and hours before you leave.

Don't forget things like:

  • Schedule bills
  • Fully charge devices
  • Leave lights on or set timers for lights
  • Set thermostat

And they have a downloadable checklist!

Read more things to do before your trip.

Tips For Road Trips With Tweens

Traveling with tweens and teens can be a challenge – potentially disconnecting them from Instagram, SnapChat or Fortnite can cause anxiety for all involved!

Follow the tips from to make your next trip better.

A few of her suggestions include;

  • Involve them in planning
  • Set expectations before leaving
  • Give them alone time
  • Pack surprises

Read more of their tips for road trips with tweens.

Summer Travel Tips For Moms compile great tips for all the moms hitting the road with their families.

I love her idea of having activity bags for young children.

Check out more of her travel tips including her ultimate packing list.

Tips For Preparing Your Car For Pow Wow Trips

Our friends at Chad Miller Auto Care have their Top 5 Tips for preparing your car.

These include:

  • Check fluids
  • Check battery
  • Check belts

Read more of their tips for preparing your car for road trips.

Tips for Planning Your Pow Wow Trips

We've compiled tips from some of our favorite travel sites to help you plan your Pow Wow road trips.

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