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Issues & Problems Facing Native Americans Today | Current Struggles 2019

Contemporary Native Americans face many issues today, which include Impoverishment and Unemployment Violence against Women and Children Native Americans are Less Educated Poor Quality Housing Inadequate Health Care Unable to Exercise Voting Rights Native Language is Becoming Extinct Limited Financial Institutions in the Native Communities Natural Resources Exploitation Contemporary Native...

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Rosalie Fish Runs for MMIW

“This weekend was really not like anything I’ve ever done or ever felt before,” she said after her last race. “It’s the first time I ran for anyone other than myself. … This is the first time I’ve ever made a scene and not been apologetic.” -Rosalie Fish Rosalie...

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Actress Zoe Saldana producing film on MMIW

A new documentary is in the works to highlight and bring attention to the missing and murdered indigenous women of First Nations Canada. With over 4,000 cases, Saldana feels that a film like this deserves as much attention as we can get. “If this exact same story were being told...

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