Stage 49 Bonanza – 2014 Gathering of Nations

Posted By Charlie Ballard April 29th, 2014 Last Updated on: April 30th, 2014

Did anyone see the Drag Queen in random photos on Facebook from this past weekends Gathering of Nations Powwow 2014?  Yup, that drag queen was me – Comedian Charlie Ballard.  This year I was invited back to host Stage 49 and it was really awesome!  After my hosting duties were over, I walked around the powwow grounds and did a meet & greet with everyone!  I can't tell you guys how much joy & happiness my pink cotton candy wig and 4″ red platforms boots brought everyone! www.charlieballard.com



Photo #1

Here are some of my favorite acts from Stage 49 that caught my eye!  Bringing the house down on Friday & Saturday were Lil Mike and Funny Bone!  These guys are a rap tandem hailing from Oklahoma City most known for their appearance on NBC's, “America's Got Talent” . Don't let this pint size super hero's fool you, these two know how to carry a show and keep the momentum going strong during their sets. #yougoboy  www.mikebonemusic.com

These guys were dope – Chief Rockers.  These an eclectic mix of break dancers and rappers!  What made these guys stand out for me was how one of their members fused his rap beats with his traditional Navajo language.  I know I'm not supposed to swear on here but that **** was tight !!!!! #yeahboi  This is Christopher Bidtah, one of the founders from the Rockers, these guys are definitely buzz worthy and worth checking out!  http://www.soundcloud.com/DEF-i


What would Indian Country be without the comedy duo of James & Ernie ?!!  When I went down to the Pit to promote Stage 49 and some of the performers, everyone cheered when I said, “who likes James & Ernie” ?  These two are always good for a laugh and are now traveling with an all Native Comedy tour called, “49 Laughs” , which also include members Tito Hoover, Pax Harvey, Tatanka Means & Adrianne Chalepah!  www.49laughscomedy.com


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