Skindigenous – An Ancient Technique With a Modern Twist

Skindigenous – An Ancient Technique With a Modern Twist

Are you interested in the art of tattooing?

Do you love watching documentaries?

Or are you wanting to learn more about Native cultures? 

Then Skindigenous 2 is for you!

The 13 part, half-hour each documentary series called Skindigenous 2 “explores Indigenous tattooing traditions around the world” and began airing on January 21st on Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN). The first season aired in 2018 and was obviously a huge hit. 

On the show, modern-day tattoo artists use their creativity, skill, and love for their community and heritage to produce works of art that not only tell a story but also keep the spirit of their cultures alive. 

“Many [of the artists] are reviving or assuring the continuation of traditional techniques such as skin stitch or hand poke. Others aim to introduce their culture to the people around them” ( article).

Two of the magnificent artists (click on their names to link to their Instagram page or website) you will get to know during season 2 are…

Stephanie Big Eagle

(or check out her personal website HERE!)

This gal from New Mexico is a “traditional hand poke tattoo artist, who weaves Indigenous activism into her designs and became a prominent figure in the Dakota pipeline protests, where her thunder hawk hand poke design became a symbol of the standoff.” 

Watch a video of traditional hand poke tattooing in the works

Audie Murray

Audie, who is a Métis artist, “grew up in Regina and Lebret, Sask. She works closely with traditional Cree tattoos and Michif visual culture and uses both hand poke and skin stitching methods.” 

Watch a video of traditional skin stitching tattooing in the works.

These two lovely ladies are just a sample of what you’ll get when you watch Skindigenous. Get ready to be amazed and inspired!

Click to visit Skindigenous’s website and watch the trailer of the second season and to learn more about the artists. 

You can also learn more by checking out Skindigenous’s YouTube channel.

Feature image from Instagram

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    Osiyo so very nice, very much talent in their work, wado for sharing

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