Shane Ortega – A Conversation About Race – Pow Wow Nation Live

Shane Ortega – A Conversation About Race – Pow Wow Nation Live

Posted By Paul G June 11th, 2020 Last Updated on: June 12th, 2020

Pow Wow Nation Live show this week will feature an interview with Shane Ortega.  I discuss with Shane racism in American.  

Shane Ortega is a combat veteran who has traveled learning from Indigenous culture.

Join us for an open conversation about the past, present, and future of our country.  

More about Shane Ortega

Shane Ortega is an Afro-Native of Tuscarora and black descent, a retired disabled combat Veteran (Marines and Army), and Two-spirit (Transgender) man. He has dedicated his life to champion human rights legislation and policy for our people.

As an advocate and educator in multiple topics including indigenous rights, disabled veterans' rights, MMIW, two-spirit education, land sovereignty, and colonial/tribal law relationship. Shane has given speeches at universities, hospitals, corporations like Apple, media advertisements, and even legislative work at the Pentagon and Federal levels.

In 2019 he was recognized with the Icon award from Harper's Bazaar as one of the three most influential champions of human rights for people of color in America. Shane is also a continuous learner of traditional ceremony and dance. He dances the Eastern war and Iroquoian style.

He is currently in his senior year of college, majoring in Public Health and Policy. He is interning with IHS working on Two-spirit care policy and doing contract non-profit work surrounding land acknowledgments and reparations. Shane plans to continue on for a Master's in Cultural Anthology and resettlement on his ancestral lands in North Carolina.

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12 thoughts on “Shane Ortega – A Conversation About Race – Pow Wow Nation Live

  1. Kim Walker-Daniels says:

    Paul there is no link to the video of Shane’s interview in this article. The only video link that appears to us on this page is the same link that’s on every page – the link to the 9 Famous Naive American Women video. There are pictures of Shane, as well as clickable links to his Instagram, Facebook, and blog. But there is no link to the video.
    What you are seeing on your computer does not seem to be the same as what we see on ours.

  2. Joe Russell III says:

    Sorry I missed this, but I didn’t juggle the time difference correctly! I’m half African American and half Arspaho, Two Spirit, and founder of Flowering Tree On The Back Of The Great Turtle Living History and Original Nations Educational Resource Center…Google us and watch the videos of our classes! I’d like to engage in a dialogue… my e-mail is
    [email protected]
    Hebe! Megwich!

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