San Francisco Giants Consider Banning Fake Headdresses at Ballpark

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown July 13th, 2014 Last Updated on: July 13th, 2014

In case you missed it, there was an incident involving fans at the San Francisco Giants' Native American Heritage Night last month. Two Native Americans approached a group of men who had a fake headdress on to let them know it was disrespectful. When the woman, April Negrette, asked to see the headdress the man relented and the story should have ended there. But security got involved and it got a bit ugly afterwards. You can read more from April in her own words over at Huffington Post.


USA Today reports that the San Francisco Giants are now working on a policy that could prohibit fans from wearing items that are culturally insensitive such as a fake headdress. USA Today spoke with Staci Slaughter, Giants senior vice president, communications, and senior advisor to the CEO about the matter.

“We are considering expanding the policy to be more explicit about culturally insensitive signs and articles of clothing,” she told USA TODAY Sports
“I don’t want to overstate where we are,” she added. “We haven’t finalized the language. We are still in the process of revising it.”

“We met with some folks as a result of the incident,” Slaughter said. “What we’re looking at is not just specific to Native Americans. We have a desire to educate folks. The reason we do these heritage nights is to raise the awareness of the diversity of our region.”

So what do you think? Will this policy, along with heritage nights, finally help educate folks? Read more on the story at USA Today Sports.

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