Water Is Life – Fill It Forward Making An Impact For Native Communities

Water Is Life – Fill It Forward Making An Impact For Native Communities

Powwows.com and Fill it Forward are teaming up to inspire the world to reuse and reduce.

Together as the Pow Wow Nation community, we can have a real impact! 

The Fill it Forward app allows users to track their environmental impact, earn rewards and give to charitable projects.

Fill it Forward has created custom scannable stickers for Powwows.com water bottles and tumblers. When you buy the bottle or tumbler, you get the custom tracker free.  You can also purchase just the tracker.

The new Water is Life Shirt also includes a tracker!  The shirt features over 30 Native words meaning water.

Each time you reuse your items and scan the tag or sticker, donations go to charities that help provide clean water and nutritious food to people in need. Those include groups that work with Native communities, such as DIGDEEP, which brings clean running water to hundreds of American families, and Water First, Canada’s leading charitable organization working with indigenous communities to resolve local water challenges. 

The goal is to get more people into the habit of using water bottles, and keeping single-use plastic bags and other items out of landfills and oceans. Businesses and sponsors can get involved and reward people who participate in programs and friendly competitions.

Since its launch in 2012, Fill it Forward has provided funding for more than 300 water projects globally, including in the United States, Canada, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh and the Dominican Republic, according to Founder and CEO Matt Wittek. Over 300 companies, schools, and organizations across North America—including Google, Deloitte, Hilton and the University of Virginia—already give with Fill it Forward.

Each scan of a bottle equals 2 cents to $1 for charitable projects around the world. The costs of donations are offset through sales of Fill it Forward products and custom programs.

“Our tech helps consumers and retailers understand their environmental impact in real-time,” Wittek said. “With the Fill it Forward app, you can easily track waste diverted, emissions saved and how much ocean pollution you have prevented.”


“Because we’re tracking impact in real-time, retailers benefit with additional sustainability data, which can be used to help promote their environmental goals, as well as support marketing efforts that engage consumers and celebrate their collective impact on people and the planet,” Wittek said.

Fill it Forward has tracked nearly 5 million single-use items diverted and kept more than 18,000 pounds of plastic out of oceans, 186,000-plus pounds of waste out of landfills and saved close to 2.1 million pounds of carbon emissions. Every time you refill a reusable water bottle, you’re diverting about 0.03 pounds of waste from the landfill.

Let's do this together!

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  • Avatar for Running Doe

    osiyo this is so nice, I enjoy everytime I hear of all good things,

  • Avatar for Karen Stephens

    Karen Stephens


    This is wonderful!

  • Avatar for Carrie



    This is awesome! Does this mean the shirts will be available to get?

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      They are for sale now!

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