Prayer Song Loop by Supaman

Prayer Song Loop by Supaman

Posted By Paul G February 21st, 2014 Blog

Have you seen people on youtube created musical tracks by recording loops of themselves singing, rapping, and beat boxing?

Check out this video of Pow Wow dancer Supaman creating his own!




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20 thoughts on “Prayer Song Loop by Supaman

  1. WV Ridgerider says:

    Your creativity is a gift from God. Thank you for sharing, and making me smile. So beautiful in sight and sound; I loved it!

  2. Priscilla Espinoza (Pima Nation) says:

    Wonderful and talented I did not hear any foul language. I saw this last year and shared it with all my friends on Facebook. Keep on singing and dancing. Share more please!

  3. Larry Wells says:

    While I applaud his creativity the use of foul language totally disgust me. These are prayers and to defoul them is wrong!! Please leave out the rap and the foul language.

    • Wild Oglala says:

      Its his own prayer song… no foul language whatsoever. If you’ll watch the video closely it does not get much more “Native American” than this. Beat boxing and Rapping are just a style that can be utilized in all kinds of cultures. Get with the times people this guy is an inspiration to young kids across indian country

  4. Rebecca says:

    I enjoyed every minute of this song. It touched my soul from every angle. I enjoy the new age twist.
    Chippewa Girl.

  5. greywolf' says:

    aLL I can is “Wow”. that was great. so unique and original. love it. keep up the good work.

  6. Dayton SpiritWalker says:

    I really like this, but I do agree some elders will find this to be offensive. I feel he is trying to just blend the music of today with the music of the people. It is probably just his way of reaching out to the younger generation.

  7. Ken Christmon says:

    We would love to book this artist! Any information would be helpful!


  8. I thought it was awesome,very creative,& with a good message.Well done Sr well done.

  9. Arlinda J says:

    Please do not incorporate rap into traditional native music. Our song are prayers, I like your video, and I am sure you will go along way. So good luck with your career. Keep our traditions and native cultures where they belong. Respect our ways.

  10. I really enjoyed the video. Not certain what Barbara means about, “pure Native American music”. This sure seems pure to me. Hey, Native American culture is alive and evolving; it isn’t just certain ways of presenting it. Bravo Supaman

  11. barbara howard says:

    while I applaud his creativity, I prefer Pure Native American music. I go to the Festival of Nations in Cherokee,NC every year to see it done without the gadgets. Their Pow Wows are another enlightening event. There is nothing more beautiful than watching Native Americans make their music surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

  12. Cathy Bullock says:

    That was awesome. It reaches right out and grabs you. You are an inspiration and role model to everyone. Keep up the great work!

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