Pow Wow 101 – Your Top Questions Answered

Pow Wow 101 – Your Top Questions Answered

Join Paul Gowder on the Pow Wow Life podcast. In this episode, I'll answer the most asked questions about Pow Wows.

Are Pow Wows Open To The Public?

First and foremost, host Paul Gowder addresses a common misconception: Pow Wows are indeed open to the public. They are vibrant events filled with dancing, singing, and the opportunity to sample authentic Indigenous cuisine. Pow Wows welcome all who come with respect and an open heart.

But where can you find a Pow Wow?

The answer is closer than you think. With gatherings in all 50 states and almost every Canadian province, a Pow Wow is likely just around the corner from you. I'll not only tell you this but also guide you on how to find these events with ease, thanks to resources like the comprehensive our Powwow Calendar.

Pow Wow Vendors – Shop Native

The episode also touches on the beautiful handcrafted items you see at powwows, from earrings and necklaces to blankets. I discuss the importance of supporting Native artists and the appropriateness of non-Natives buying and wearing these items. The message is clear: when you purchase from Native vendors, you're supporting the continuation of their culture and livelihood.

How can I be involved with a Pow Wow?

But what if you want to get involved beyond just attending? ‘Whether it's volunteering at your local powwow or becoming a vendor or dancer, there are numerous ways to immerse yourself in the powwow experience.

This episode is more than just a Q&A—it's an invitation to explore, participate in, and support Native American culture. It's a call to listen to the songs and let their power move you. 

Remember, whether you're a seasoned powwow attendee or a first-timer, this episode is a treasure trove of information that will enrich your understanding and appreciation of these incredible cultural events. 

About Paul G

Paul G is the founder PowWows.com, who wears many hats as a business coach, photographer, and collector of quirky shirts. Paul started PowWows.com in 1996 while pursuing his graduate degree. With a passion for travel, he and his family hav  traveled the world, capturing unforgettable memories and photos. When he's not coaching or clicking, he's indulging in the magic of Disney.

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