Pendleton Giveaway – 2020 Is Halfway Over!

Pendleton Giveaway – 2020 Is Halfway Over!

Posted By Paul G June 8th, 2020 Last Updated on: June 8th, 2020

2020 has been a rough year!  

  • Coronavirus
  • Quarantine
  • No Pow Wows
  • Murder Hornets
  • And more!

On top of that my daughter had a wreck this weekend (she's ok – car is not).  So I'm thankful that we have made it to June – halfway done with this year.

I'm ready for 2021!

Let's celebrate making it halfway to 2021 with a giveaway!

How To Enter

The contest is open worldwide!

However, any winner outside the US may not receive the same prize.  Shipping costs may be too expensive.  Winners outside the US will receive a gift card of equal value to the prize they won.

Having trouble with bonus codes?

Click the “View Entries” below to see a list of all your points.  Many people are getting errors, but have already received credit for the code.  You can only enter a code one time!  You can, however, enter different codes.

The more ways you enter, the better chance you have.  The winners will be determined by random draw.  

You can gain extra entries in the contest by completing more tasks.  Some tasks can be doing daily!

Check back often, I'll be adding more ways to enter throughout the contest.

AND you can get bonus codes by watching videos on our Facebook and Youtube channels, in emails, and other places!


Pendleton Point Reyes Blanket

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35 thoughts on “Pendleton Giveaway – 2020 Is Halfway Over!

  1. Ray G Thunderchild says:

    I’m Canadian so this won’t help me out so I’m out

  2. Anita says:

    i attended my first pow wow in TN a few years back. Ever since that time, I was hooked! Awesome!

  3. Linda Crawford says:

    It’s the most wonderful thing in the world that your daughter is safe and well! Thank you for keeping this powwows.com going for all this time.

  4. David Birmingham says:

    Invalid code, means you entered an incorrect number or you already entered that number.

    • Susan M. Sena says:

      I look forward to the emails I receive from powwows.com. I always find something interesting to read or that I didn’t know. I’m thankful to receive them.

    • Falynn B. says:

      I am happy your daughter is ok. Hopefully today corona virus will calm down and we get to something like normal because one thing for sure it will never be like it was before. Maybe all of this makes the change we need in the world. I send blessings to you and your people.❤️✊🏾

    • Marilyn Taliman says:

      Hello, bless ur daugh, she’s ok.
      Wer waiting for 2021,,alot has happen, but bless the nation.

  5. Micki Pils says:


  6. Carolyne Lain says:

    I tried entering the number in your email – 22236 – several times but kept getting the message that the number is invalid.

  7. Osio🦅 Pual G Yazzi

    My heart and prayers go out to your daughter, May she be blessed by angels, and yes I’m glad you wasn’t worry about the car it’s materialistic things, because lives can’t be replaced
    Stay hopeful and positive and the higher power from above will heal your daughter

    God Bless🖤🦅

  8. Amy Caryn Redford says:

    I haven’t been getting any more bonus codes for the giveaway. Have they stopped?
    Thank you!

  9. I don’t see ‘view entries’ anywhere. Could someone point me in the right direction, please? Thank you

  10. Karen Nowakowski says:

    Dear Paul,
    Blessings for you and your family – so thankful your daughter is ok!

    • Kelly Ross says:

      This is my 1st to enter, I have seen your 0osting a lot. Prayers for your daughter.

  11. Patricia Hernandez-Clifton says:

    I am happy your daughter OK my prayers sent to you for patience for what is coming of accident.

  12. Kathleen King says:

    Paul, we’ve chatted before; you were kind enough to reassure me about my enthusiasm for all things connected with the First Nation people even though I am not related, Just as I said your basic European mongrel. I am going back and checking blocks although I have watched most of theseofferings already. I was very pleased with the interview in Minneapolis with Mr. Hammond (too bad that the media studio was a loss, and I hope it can be replaced and enhanced), I wish the “black folks” could manage to recognize the support they are receiving from the First Nations people and the Hispanic/Latino communities who have suffered every bit as much and longer than those whose ancestors were sold by their own folk out of Africa. Obviously they are unaware of the “black Indians.’ I did not like the attitude of the World of Dance judges at all: thought they were wrong and, yes, prejudiced. Do you know why only Marjorie Tallchief and not her sister, Maria, nor the other Osage ballerina. Rosa [senior moment here] , plus a Cherokee woman whose name I have forgotten: Ms Tallchief and her husband made a ballet for Tulsa Ballet in the 70’s. I think called Four Moons about these ladies –so why no mention? Glad your daughter is okay.

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