North Carolina Native American Tribes

North Carolina Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Native American Tribes
Michell Hicks (Principal Chief)
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of North Carolina
Address Cherokee NC 28719 Phone: (828) 497-2771Fax: (828) 497-7007:
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Photo of Amelia Amelia Kay Oxendine
Amelia Amelia Kay Oxendine
Address PO Box 215 Hollister North Carolina 27844 United StatesAddress 37060 NC Hwy 561 Hollister NC 27844 United States
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41 thoughts on “North Carolina Native American Tribes

  1. John Grindstaff says:

    My whole life, we were told that my Grandfather was part of the Cherokee. Family rumor had it that his grandmother was a part if the trail of tears and full blooded Cherokee. I have traced back in ancestry and Mormon’s. Neither indicate her race, birthplace North Carolina and death in Missouri. Not sure how to verify one way or the other. Thank you!

  2. I have a son that is part Lumbee Indian and can’t find out anything about them being recognized or benefits for them. I would love to know some things and any help or assistance I may be able to get for him in the future.

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