New Release – Young Spirit Mewasinsational – Cree Round Dance Songs

New Release – Young Spirit Mewasinsational – Cree Round Dance Songs

Posted By Paul G November 10th, 2017 Blog

Recognized throughout North America as one of today's top First Nations/Native American singing groups, Young Spirit embodies the energy and essence of the Cree Round Dance. Through Round Dance songs that reflect the importance of family, community, and celebration, Young Spirit reaffirms its status as a powerful voice for Indigenous culture.

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  • Amongst the many singing championships Young Spirit has won over the years, the drum group earned the Worldwide Championship title at the 2013 Gathering of Nations Pow-Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Noted for extensive use of the Cree language in their Round Dance songs, Young Spirit offers a number of Cree language songs on this recording. In particular, “Cree Prayer Song” utilizes the words of Cree prayer that is used in many schools in Cree Country and brilliantly adapted to the beat of a Round Dance song.
  • The CD version of the album features 19 songs and clocks in at over 73 minutes. The digital version contains an additional 3 bonus tracks.

Young Spirit is distributed by Canyon Records.

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Listen to some of the songs!

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