Neta Rhyne of Thundering Hooves

Posted By Paul G April 29th, 2018 Last Updated on: April 29th, 2018

Thundering Hooves is a grassroots, non-profit organization that provides creative, educational and cultural opportunities that allow children, teens, and adults to create compelling resources that demonstrate the advancement of creativity, innovation, imagination, environmental and global awareness, equine wellness, diversity and growth through literary, visual, and healing arts, performance, film, music, and photography.

Neta Rhyne came to 2018 Gathering of Nations to raise awareness of the Memorial Fence.

Every day horses, burros and mules are hauled down this lonely highway to slaughter!  As a memorial tribute halters,  childrens art, license plates, banners, old tack, and saddles, are hung on this old fence every day, along this trail of their last ride.

Today this moving tribute stands strong for the love of horses through the harsh west Texas winds with halters hanging and red ties blowing, evoking a powerful presence drawing passengers in, educating and bringing awareness to the many issues horses face today.

During the Grand Entry several dancers wore red ties that will be placed on the Memorial Fence.  These men danced with the red ties. The ties are going to the Thundering Hooves Memorial Fence in memory of all the horses who have gone to slaughter in honor of the horse nation. If you'd like more information about how to protect our horses (wild and domestic) go to ThunderingHooves.com

Thank you, and thank you Neta Rhyne for your efforts to protect the horse nation.

Those dancers include:

  • Matt Shelka
  • Cetan Thunder Hawk
  • Clifton Goodwill
  • Zane Tacan
  • Kenny Pratt Jr
  • Rooster Topsky

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Christina singel

Thank you, Neta. Such an incredible story and tribute.

Lynny Prince

Neta is a wonderful example of a true human being. She was given two months to live 26 years ago and is still going strong! Our Creator shines on her as a voice for the voiceless and we support her 1000%!!!

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