Native Profile – Michael Roberts

Native Profile – Michael Roberts

What is your full name?

Michael Wilson Roberts

What tribe(s) are you?


What is your nickname?

No nickname, NDN name is Dancing Eagle Feathers

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Dallas, TX, but lived in different places, because my dad worked for the military.

Where are you living now?


Marital Status

Married 17 years with 3 daughters

What are the powwows you plan to attend this year?

Haskell, Marksville, Thief River, Red Earth, Mayetta, for starters.

What are your favorite powwows to attend?

Don't have a favorite as long as there is good singing, and they don't end too late.

What are your favorite drum groups?

Northern) Midnight, Boyz, Battle River and of course Warscout /// ( Southern) Grey Horse,Thunderhill, Sizzortail, Cozad. Oklahoma center drum with all these guys.

What style(s) do you dance?

Men's Fancy War Dance

Who do you consider good dancers in your category(s)?

Man, I've had the privilege to dance with a lot of generations. RG Harris, from the past and now in Southern, Isaiah Bob, Spike, and Amos Yazzie III and IV (you pick, both are pretty good)……coming up, like Cheyenne Pocowachit, Billy Pewo, and Andrew Whiteshirt.

How do you train?

I practice and lift weights.

Who makes your outfits?

I made two of my outfits and won two. The gold and green, I won in the Elmer White Memorial special in FT. Totten. It was made by Maryann High Eagle. The white one, I won in the Daryl Jack Memorial special at FT. Hall. it was made by the Abrahamson family. The late Daryl Jack was a good Fancy Dancer, as well. a lot of young boys looked up to him…I am truly honored to wear this outfit.

What transportation do you use to travel to powwows?

We travel in a Dodge Dually with a 5th wheel. Yes, we bought it. .No, I, nor my wife, gets per cap. no, My tribe didn't buy it for me. “Hard work” pays off.

Will gas prices or other obligations affect your travelling to powwows this year?

No, I'll be there Friday night at 7.

What is your favorite music to listen to?

I have two teenage daughters and one who thinks she a teen. So, whatever they want to listen to. If I'm alone. I listen to the news. I'm a big news junkie.

What domestic skills or trade do you have?

I own an environmental company called “Mother Earth Eco-Eemediations“. We, as a family own “Nibble On My Ears”. I also do a lot of stage productions. On my down time I plan our Halloween party. lol

What do you do when you are not powwowing?

Spend time with family and friends.

What is your favorite food?

Corn, Hoka potatoes, lemonade, sweet tea and barbecue. Wes, its a plug for “Nibble on My Ears”

Advice you would give to young people who look up to you?

Like I always tell my daughters, “carry yourselves in a way that will make the one who raised you, proud. Remember, that there is always someone watching you, whether it is a child or an elder, lead by example.”

Is there anything you would like to share or for people to know about you?

I love my family. I'm glad I'm able to dance with my girls. I cherish my friends.

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    Hey wamble wachi

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    I like that, “carry yourself that will make tho one who raised you proud.” awesome hope you dont mind if i tell that to my girls. :0)

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