Native American on Survivor

Posted By Paul G September 16th, 2011 Last Updated on: February 16th, 2012


The latest edition of the CBS hit Show, Survivor, started this week with eighteen new castaways.  Elyse Umemoto from Las Vegas is competing for the million dollar prize.

A 2nd runner up to Miss America, Elyse is part Native American.  During the first episode she made a reference to her heritage by stating she hope the “Great Spirit” will help her survivor the experience.
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Native American Survivor - Photo from CBS From her profile on CBS:

Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: It’s not just my character traits that make me a winner. It’s literally in my blood to survive. My Japanese grandfather spent his childhood in an internment camp. My German grandmother’s family has strong, long-standing ties with the government and fled immediately before the war. My Native American grandfather was the son of a deaf mute who learned English as a second language on the reservation by age 9. I have a passion for competition and I am the product of generations of TRUE survivors- their strength and resilience are a natural part of who I am.

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Watch Survivor on CBS to see how far Elyse will make it in the game.

Elyse Umemoto Video Profile

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Lordy, she sure talks a lot.


I was wondering why she looked so familiar…TMZ did a story on her when all those pictures were released of her wearing her Miss Washington crown and drinking-among other things. Elyse Umemoto, the tribe has spoken.

WA Native

She was an embarrassment to the pageant community as Miss Washington and will embarrass herself on National TV. Ask any pageant person up here and they will tell you she is no angel!

totally disagree

totally disagree with you. I am involved in the pageant systems in Washington and support Elyse. Glad she is getting opportunities on television and hope she gets more.


she sure can talk now can she seems nice


Wonder how many people she has told that she is N.A. before this event, or is she just doing it now to gain publicity?

So she is Japanese, German, Native American, what is the other nationality, something is missing…?

Good luck to her, but I’m not buying it…Has she ever lived the life of Native Americans, has she ever been to a pow-wow, beaded earings, made a shawl, prayed to the great spirit from all 4 corners of the earth? from the looks of it..NOPE!

mamaof 5

She is an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation. She lived here on the rez until after the Miss America thing. She is a bright and beautiful girl. She was a member of the Indian Club in school. She acknowledges all her blood, good for her! You don’t need to “buy” it, you don’t know her. I don’t know her personnaly but I seen her in the community before her pageant stuff, and she is a nice girl. I don’t watch that show, but this year I just might. GO ELYSE!!


Well then I stand humbly corrected, and I apologize. Being of the Mi’kmaq Nation, I have seen too many say “I’m Native American, to see what they can get”…So again, I apologize, and say Go Elyse!



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