Native America Tribal Nations Mini-lesson: Hopi Nation

Native America Tribal Nations Mini-lesson: Hopi Nation

Posted By Corinne Rice November 14th, 2018 Last Updated on: November 20th, 2018

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Every day this month in honor of Native American Heritage Month, I am dedicating time in my Instagram stories to learning about a Tribal nation.

These are fun mini-lessons that I get to share with my followers, and will also be sharing a few of them here on the powwows website.

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Today we're learning a little about the Hopi Nation.

The Hopi reservation has a land area of only 2,531 square miles, but traditionally the Hopi people extended all the way into South Eastern Utah, North Eastern Arizona, Northwestern New Mexico, and Southwestern Colorado.

Many know the Hopi as the “Pueblo People” which is a term given to them by Spanish colonizers. The term originated from the Spanish having seen their large and advanced villages, or “Pueblos.”

The Hopi, or as their full name goes, Hopituh Shi-nu-mu means “peaceful people.” The term “Hopi” means “behaving one.” This was in reference to the tribe's behavior in contrast with the other tribes in the area who were waring.

Hopi people are deeply rooted in their spirituality and belief in “Maasaw”, the Hopi word for Creator. They believe their ceremonies benefit the entire world, not only the Hopi nation.

This Hopi woman wears her hair in a traditional Squash Blossom style. This style, in particular, is actually what inspired Princess Leah's hair in the George Lucas films “Star Wars.”

Hopi families are Matrilineal, this means that the children assume the same clan as the mother. Children are given names on the day they are introduced to the sun, usually by the father's clan mothers.

A child can have up to 40 names, but ultimately it will be up to the child's mother and father to decide which of those names will be what they call them regularly.

The Hopi have many sacred sites, and on the reservation, you can see rock formations and ancient petroglyphs that show just how long they have been caretakers of this land.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-lesson!

Check back tomorrow to learn about a whole new nation and culture.


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4 thoughts on “Native America Tribal Nations Mini-lesson: Hopi Nation

  1. Robin Bass says:

    Thank you for sharing this informtion. I’ve always wondered how the Hopi avoided the carnage and genocide of other nations…how did they retain their lands and customs when so many other tribes were decimated?

    • Gayle Messina says:

      What a wonderful way to learn about the very people I love so much! Thank you, and I am looking forward towards more information.

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