Marine Dances at Iowa Tribal Pow Wow

Marine Dances at Iowa Tribal Pow Wow

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown July 3rd, 2014 Blog

The 29th Annual Iowa Tribal Powwow took place in Perkins, Oklahoma the weekend of June 20th-22nd.

Hugh Foley attended the pow wow and captured this video of Lance Corporal Trey Iron dancing in his dress blues uniform.

From YouTube:

The record should show that this Marine (Lance Corporal Marland Trey Kent) was honored and respected for his participation in the Iowa Powwow, to include carrying out the American flag in the Grand Entry on Friday, June 20, 2014. Not only that, he is dancing with his father, Vincent Kent, who was also active duty at the time, and who wrote to this channel: “The only thing that needs to be known is that is a father and son next to each other, not just a random guy. Both active duty at the time it was shot. Corporal Vincent Kent (combat veteran) with Lance Corporal Marland Trey Kent. This is also a changing of the guard, Native American style. That is the story we are telling in our dancing we crossed paths just once with myself in front and with son behind me, and then I turned to let him lead the rest of the way). We did not practice this dance because we are both straight dancers from the Ponca War Dance Society. That's how come he busted a move like he did!”

Make sure you check out Hugh Foley's other videos on his YouTube channel.

Quite a bit of pow wow footage from events around Oklahoma.

For more information on the Iowa Tribal Pow Wow you can visit their tourism page.

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30 thoughts on “Marine Dances at Iowa Tribal Pow Wow

  1. bob meis says:

    i see all kinds dance at the fire when i am walking. this is one of the things i have seen. my ancestors are all kinds of people, all kinds of wisdom, and all kinds of warriors. i am from a solid background that is diverse

    • laura l. says:

      This dance of two warriors touched my heart. Bob Meis your words also touched my heart, as my ancestors are like yours.
      They both give a sense of hope for the future.

    • Mike Berry (USAF Retired) says:


      If the people can be Brothers and Sisters in your heart and soul, you are already one of them. You now have another, very extended family, should you choose to accept them. Miigwech for your service and sacrifice…Bamapii…


  2. Sonia LaMere says:

    It makes me proud as a Vetetan to see my people show their pride in not only wearing ther uniform but to wear I pride in A war sondance.

  3. David' Lambert' says:

    Most proud of you young brother LCPL Trey Iron. Keep your heritage and traditions Warrior.

  4. Yvette Bowman says:

    Nizhoni…..Thank you Sir for your service to our Great Nation. Looking sharp!!! From a Marine Mom and Navey wife..

  5. Yvette Bowman says:

    Nizhoni…..Thank you Sir for your service to our Great Nation. Looking sharp!!! From a Marine Mom and Navy wife..

  6. Kenney Davila says:

    You Trey Iron are a true warrior. I’m humbled and awestruck. A true leader & inspiration! I can’t say enough brother.

  7. Terry Ken says:

    That is me in this video
    Not sure why my last name is iron on here but Thx for the support everyone

  8. richard garcia says:

    Native Americans always honor vets as they should be
    SGt. RGarcia
    4th Air Delivery USMC

  9. Irene L says:

    Beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes to see a brave warrior in uniform dancing and praying. You sir are the true meaning of American! Thank you for your service and thinking of your country.

  10. William Benson says:

    I’m not Native, but I am a Marine. He wears the uniform well, and he dances with the pride of his People. He is my brother, because he is a Marine, so, just maybe, through my brother, his People might be my brothers and sisters, and we can try to sooth the anger from the Past, and look to the Now and Future together… Just a thought. Semper Fi.

  11. Good Boy, sitts on the hill says:

    The most beautiful thing about this moment caught on camera is; that this is a father & son dancing together. The Father was honorably discharged after nine years of faithful and loyal service to his country and three-tours of duty to theater. the Marine is just staring his carrier…father passing the torch to his son to pick up the fight where he left off, protect ALL-AMERICANS. They did not rehears any of the tail dance. It great to see the son dance behind his father then his father let him start is own war-path.

    • Dorothy K says:

      Beautiful ,I kinda figured this was father an son ! I wish that I would have gotten to dance with my grandmother !

  12. Mike Berry says:

    Although the rules and culture prohibit the filming of an Eagle Feather presentation, it would have been great to have been there to see that. Bamapii, Marine..Miigwech for your dedication, service and sacrifices for your people.

    • Ruby says:

      geez but you are very disrespectful, there isn’t anything funny about this to be a “joke”. I can only guess you are not of this nationality!! It would seem your parents haven’t raised you right!!!

  13. Running Doe says:

    This was so wonderful, Marine dancing with our brother and sisters ,I am honored, for this

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