Johnny Depp as Tonto

Posted By Paul G March 13th, 2012 Last Updated on: March 13th, 2012

Johnny Depp is cast as Tonto in the upcoming film The Long Ranger.   With an estimated budget of $215 million, the film is scheduled for release May 31, 2013.

The movie is sure to be a blockbuster.  How do you think Depp portrayal of a Native American will be?

Do you think this will be another stereotypical Cowyboys and Indians movie?  Or has Hollywood changed its view of Natives?

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I like Jay Silverheels the best, although the writers of the old Lone Ranger show did not always show Tonto in the best light. Tonto was portrayed as a faithful and reliable man, and that part was good.

Silverheels, a true Native American, pushed for more Native American actors, and that was helpful. I think it best for the role of Tonto to have an Native American actor


I am full blooded Native American and all I can say is I love Johnny Depp whether he is Native American or not. He’s a great actor and I loved the movie, it had great humor in it and I laughed so hard I enjoyed it… and isn’t that what it’s all about…entertainment!? Come on lighten up it’s a movie, he’s an actor. And as far as using “real” Native Americans, find one that is as popular and as talented and funny as Johnny Depp and I’ll watch them too. I don’t care if he is red, white, black, purple, yellow or green. I love his skills and talent. AND I LOVED THE MOVIE!


Wow, so many people arguing about whether Depp is NA or not, or why wasn’t an NA chosen for the part. Grow up…it is Hollywood. Yes, there are splendid NA actors, but not one has the star power or box office draw of Depp. Depp totally immersed himself in the role, as he always does. Was some of this movie hokey? Sure, but it was a semi-comedic movie. I think Hollywood’s presentation of Tonto, and his tragic interaction with the white men when he was a boy, was handled in an interesting and thought-provoking way.


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Czigany Shimza

I think it will an award. I think Johnny Depp will be wonderful!

Crystal McKinley

I know why West hates white people. His mother was white. She abandoned him on the reservation with his father. That would make any child bitter. Somehow there are an abundance of others that chose not to be bitter. I have ndn friends and I make new friends occasionally. Today she happened to be ndn. She says everyone one she knows resent him for his attitude and can’t stand how he always tries to speak for all ndns. I’ll probably see her again next month at the Moundville Festival. I’m a volunteer there.

Crystal McKinley

Hi again West! Glad to see you like me so much. I feel the same way about you.
I’m a little disappointed though. Your material is repetitive. That’s okay,you go ahead and get it all out of your system. I’m here for you friend. I see right through all that hate and bitterness. There’s a hurt little boy inside. Once your anger is spent you can have a happy,productive life.

Your friend,

Pennywise Pablo

I think it still might be a stereotype but i love johnny depp 🙂 ha he got me wanting to watch it, wither way there are right and wrongs but everything happens for a reason. 🙂



Your heart is bitter, your spirit is lost, the road you walk is not the red road, you talk and behave as a child, you should seek out your elders, sweat and sak for forgivness

Crystal McKinley

Hey West! How’ve you been? I’ve missed you. It’s been too long. I haven’t had anyone try anywhere near as hard as you do to hate me or try to insult me. Nice to hear from you. Don’t be such a stranger! I can’t always find your messages here in the comments where we first met but I do get emails with your replies. I’m glad because I don’t want to loose contact with you.
Say hi to your mom for me!

Hope to hear from you again soon.



So long, Uncle Frank Twinkie. It’s about time they got that tour bus through Navajolands fixec so we don’t have to listen to more of your Black History Month stories and lectures on Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Johnny Depp, and eveyone who’s not NDN to teach us how to be more civilized on our own land. Now that we know how to be cigar store Indians maybe we can get a part out there in Monument riding bareback and upgrade our stereotypes to 1950.

But no thanks, I don’t need your Wannabe tribe name, I got one of my own. The only ceremony you had lately was in a sweat lodge in Sedona you paid to get your shaman certificate from, from the same poser that sold you your Native American Cultural Awareness for Twinks workshop. We gave you an Indian name too, to go with your Tonto Halloween costume bird on your head. It’s called Walking Eagle. Google it like you did Tecumseh after I mentioned him so you could come back an act like you even knew who he was, Walking Eagle.

If I’m 50 or 60, that makes me about 20 years younger than you, crossdressing Uncle Frank who likes to call everyone “dearie.” You need to go back to gayforjohnnydepp.com where you were touching yourself looking at pictures of him when that one in him in drag as Tonto showed up and you clicked on the powwows.com link and decided to go on a campaign for JD for Navajo Nations tribal council and found yourself surrounded by NDNs for the first time since Avatar. Maybe that’s why you can’t get it why, unlike lonely pasty old albinos wandering around looking for friends on the Internet, we talk in “we” because we are tribal and hang around in groups. It’s called having families and friends you don’t have to pay to stick around. Get back on the bus, it’s pulling out before that angry bird flies over and leaves you a message on the window and has his own naming ceremony.LOL

Now we’re gonna have to smoke the whole powwows.com website down to get the moldy smallpox blanket pilgrim smell out.

Crystal McKinley

The only poser or wannabe on here is you. You’re a disgrace. Luckily no one has to claim you. Go play your game somewhere else. We’re done.


If you’re done, can we use the bathroom now, ’cause we’re gonna have to take about 5 Number 2s to get the pilgrim poser smell out, LOLOL. Sorry, Aunt Twinkie, but we’re not the ones having a problem getting any tribe to claim us except the Wannabes. So you can take your wasichu shame and disgrace back to your tribe of Cherokee Jews and stuff it back in that bible and then stuff that up your cornhole, and then, for the last time, get back on that tour bus and get your white ass off my rez.


To West :
My Grandsons naming ceremony …. http://www.facebook.com/wutsup.ca
Albert with Potlatch head-dress. The dance and regalia is handed down or acquired. Each animal spirit is sacred….depends on what Band ( Tribe ) culture, area etc…..As I said, Not everyone grew up like you , angry and in the Southwest US….
There’s a lot of different people in this world , get used to it…..

Crystal McKinley

My post wasn’t finished West.
You think your village is being burned today. What happened in the past was an atrocity no doubt. I shake my head at Hollywood depiction. Anyone with any sense knows that history is written by the victors. But we aren’t buying your bullshit. Take sometime to come up with some new insults before you reply. The old ones are boring, ridiculous and just as fictional as my shamans license I could never afford. Why would I need one anyway.
Tell us about yourself West. What is a typical day for such an angry NDN? Where did you research each one of us? My complete name is posted. I have nothing to hide. My last name was given to me by my stepfather who raised me. I can’t back up my genealogy. Ironically my history has been handed down orally as well. I would take the DNA test but first of all I can’t afford it, second I know the blood can’t make me anything I’m not already, third, if I tested with the “proper” amount what would that I title me to. I don’t want anything from anybody. Most who do that do it to be untitled to government money. That money should go to the ones who need it.
We are all here on this continent now. The past can’t be changed. Focus your energy to serve your people in a positive way in the here and now. There are no more wagons to burn.


Oh, so our white Aunt Twinke came along with our Uncle Frank Vanilla Wafer today in the same soccer van to tell us how to be good NDNs and preach your sermon to convert us to being in the civilized Pretendian tribe, LOL. I guess the tourist bus broke down again and you’re still out here wandering around the rez following the directions we gave you last night. LMAO, hahahaha.

WHy don’t you go back to that fort you were hanging around where they passed out your Wannabe tribal ID cards and your smudge sticks and Dances with Wolves DVDs so you could learn how to “imitate” us as a “form of flattery”? ‘Cause we’ve all heard this story about how your great great great grandma and how you don’t know anything about your imaginary NDN heritage other than what you make up in your fantasy like that bird on your role model’s head who also has no records or DNA to back it up. Just like your pilgrim ancestors, you come on our land and start picking fights with real NDNs who aren’t even talking to you, start hassling us personally, making up your imaginary crap about us “channeling demons” and think you’re gonna tell us how to be NDNs when you’ve never been to a rez and never had anything but a tourist brochure to tell you about that drop of blood you think you have. You’ve never sen an “angry NDN” because you’ve never met a real one, they don’t have any at ‘The Secret” Center for Crystal Healing, Meditation, and New Age Wannabe Indians. The only bullshit salesman around here is you, and we already used those bibles for firewood. The bus is pulling out, you better get back on it, Princess Land O Lakes.


…sorry Bud, have to go……I can’t play with you anymore. Life calls.
It’s been nice pullin your chain and seeing where your heart is….

b.t.w….not everyone grew up in the same situation as you and not everyone grew up angry.

You must have 50 or 60 ‘ WE’ in the previous few posts……didn’t know you were the spokesman for a group …voted in or self proclaimed …?

There are a lot of different people out there and it is not as brown and white as you think…..

Everbody PowWow !


b.t.w….we’re going to have a naming ceremony for you….
Your new name is ‘ Angry Bird’.

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