Grizzly Bear Captivates Crowd at Kamloopa

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown August 16th, 2014 Last Updated on: August 16th, 2014


We're absolutely in love with Laura Grizzlypaws and her Grizzly Bear dance. You might remember we featured a story on her back in March in which she described in her own words why she dances.

“I walked where the Grizzly Bear dances. I feel his pleasure, excitement and freedom on the earth and in the wind that carries his messages from the past. I dance where the Grizzly Bear danced his steps leaving an ancestral footprint on the land like a cellular memory in my blood. His face is a shadow that calls to me as the wind calls his name “St’alhalam.” The Grizzly Bear he sings his songs as we unite under his skin. I now walk where he left his ancestral footprints. I heard his prayer, I felt his pain, I am his anger, I am his hope, I am his faith. He now dances upon the earth, now, only where I leave my ancestral footprints.”

Levi BlackWolf with Wolfn Photographies was at the Kamloopa Pow Wow in Kamloops, B.C. to capture Laura dancing on film.

Thank you both for sharing your talents with the world. Make sure you follow Laura Grizzlypaws and Wolfn Photographies on Facebook for more great footage!

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