Fun Moments from Friday’s Gathering of Nations

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown April 30th, 2016 Last Updated on: April 30th, 2016


I had a great time walking around, chatting with people and just seeing what all the event had to offer. Here's a little bit of what I got into yesterday.


Nibble on My Ears is the best name ever for a food stand. And I love that they have a express lane for the singers and dancers! A lot of folks were taking advantage of the great food and service there.

Toy and Todd

I had the pleasure of meeting Todd Howling Wolf from First Nations Coffee. Make sure you stop by their booth and grab a sticker or a tote bag. I saw a lot of ladies picking up their tote bags so they could stash their other pow wow goodies in there.

Aftering wandering the vendor booths (and buying too much jewelry!) I checked out some of the musical talent at Stage 49 during the day. Daisy Chain out of Seattle was one of the first bands up. I definitely enjoyed their groove.

Daisy Chain performing on Stage 49 at GON

A video posted by @toyacoyah on

Of course my phone died out and I had to run back inside to find a plug. While waiting Todd from First Nations Coffee passed by and stopped to chat. Then he noticed the Pretty Indian Girls walking by! We had all had to grab a photo of course. ToddFirstNationsPIGs These ladies are so great! And even more stunning in person I might add! I'm glad I got to get a snap with them. ToyaPIGsBest After getting all charged back up I wandered back out to Stage 49 to catch Scatter Their Own. Unfortunately the weather was being a little testy yesterday and the rains kept coming and going. Some of us braved the rain and took cover near the merchandise booth when it got too crazy. While waiting the rain out I chatted up an older gentleman next to me. He lives in Shiprock, New Mexico now, but said he used to attend the University of New Mexico, so he enjoys coming back to see the campus. He was a teacher for over 45 years! What an inspiration! The rains stopped for the last song of Scatter Their Own and they thanked everyone for sticking it out.

Braved the rain to catch Scatter Their Own on Stage 49 GON

A video posted by @toyacoyah on

And I can't not mention the wonderful host of Stage 49 – Charlie Ballard! Definitely a pro, Ballard kept things moving and made the crowd laugh at all the right moments.


Yesterday was a lot of fun, but I know folks are still driving in for Saturday's big day. So can we say the best is yet to come?

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