Cherokee Nation’s Wayne Garner Band a country music hit!

Cherokee Nation’s Wayne Garner Band a country music hit!

Wayne Garner has been singing country since he was a young boy. Wayne is Keetoowah Band of the  Cherokee Nation and grew up with his parents in a Choctaw community listening to old school Country music by the greats like Johnny Cash.

The Cherokee community today is made up of all kinds of Farmers and Ranchers, folks who Garner says gravitate towards country music. Garner started playing guitar at age 7 and began learning drums before that. His father was also a drummer and Garner grew up attending powwows with him, remembers his father in his regalia. Garner always wished he could dance at powwows, but because he needed leg braces as a kid, we gravitated toward playing music.

Garner's song “Love Drunk Fool” charted high in Texas, and made the CMT top 10 in 2016. Garner also writes all his own music. When asked what inspires Garner's songs he has this to share..

“Whenever inspiration hits..I don't write about things in real time, but looking back on things inspires me in retrospect. A melody or a phrase will pop into my head, I can write a whole song around a phrase, and that hook comes in. Out on the road, some days I just pull over and get it down. Sometimes I write the whole song before ever holding an instrument.”

Garner has been dedicating his time to his craft full time now for 6 years. When I spoke with him he was in the middle of his tour.

Band members include Wayne Garner(Lead Singer), Kyle Brown(Lead Guitar), Corey Spears(Base Guitar), Ted Cummings(Drummer), Donnie Vouklizas(Keys), Dan Johnson(Steel Guitar) and they are managed by Vision Entertainment out of Nashville TN.

…and yes, he knows he resembles Jason Momoa.

You can Follow the Wayne Garner Band on the following social media sites

Facebook: Wayne Garner Band

Twitter: @thewaynegarner

Instagram: @thewaynegarner




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    Will there be a Pow Wow at Core Creek Park This Year?

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