Who Has the Best Frybread Recipe?

Who Has the Best Frybread Recipe?

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown June 19th, 2017 Blog

I heard Victor's mom makes the best fry bread in the whole world! Hahaha.

Most of us have a great recipe that's been passed down within the family. But in case your family is being stingy, there are a ton of YouTube tutorials out there to help guide you down the path to greasy goodness.

Here are a few good ones I ran across.

Turquoise Skies:

Naomi Good Shield:

Cherokee Style:

And we can't forget Bannock for our cousins up North:


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6 thoughts on “Who Has the Best Frybread Recipe?

  1. Bettijo reazer says:

    So ive been trying to the reciepe to make them for the first time.my man is native american and ive asked each person to let me get the reciepe and no one will give to me and my man likes having indain tacos.but i don’t know how to make them and all i want to do is to make them for him.suprise him.

  2. Susanna brown says:

    Marilyn hunter has the best reciepe on our reservation and all of community buys her tacos each time we make them..

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