Our 2022 Native American Holiday Gift Guide

Native American Gifts For Everybody!

It's that time again! We're back in the holiday season, and we have plenty of gift ideas to inspire your shopping experience, and hopefully take some of the stress out of gift-giving. 

Show your people how important they are to you with something from the heart. Better yet: why not give them something made by Native American businesses?

That way, your loved ones get something unique and one-of-a-kind and you get to prop up an indigenous business and enable them to keep creating more of their beautiful, handcrafted products.

As we like to say, when you support these purpose-driven businesses and you're not just buying an amazing Native product; you're buying an amazing story

There may, of course, be deeper reasons you want to support indigenous businesses—chiefly, cultural appropriation. It can and often does cause very real harm to those in the Native community when someone buys and wears something that co-opts a symbol that's sacred to them and passes it off as authentically indigenous when it's clearly not. Stealing artisan designs that have been passed down through generations and profiting off of them without looping in members of the community who made it possible, isn't just unethical. It's downright harmful. That's why it's extra important to show these Native creators some extra love this season.

All the same, with inflation ever-climbing, many of us are less reluctant to spend than in years past. But whether you’re on a tight budget or have a little more to throw down, you'll come across gift ideas in our guide spanning all price ranges.

To make it easier for you to sort through this gift guide, we made a separate post for each gift category.

Take a look:

Best Apparel Gift Ideas

Best Food and Beverage Gift Ideas

Best Home Goods and Accessories Gift Ideas

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Take a look:

Best Apparel Gift Ideas

Best Food and Beverage Gift Ideas

Best Home Goods and Accessories Gift Ideas

Looking for more Native American products? 

Check out our directory of Native-owned businesses and products at Shop Native!

Remember: Note that not all of the gifts on this list are from Native American businesses. If you shop on Amazon.com, please use our link first. Amazon pays us a commission and no extra charge for you! 

Happy shopping!


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