American Dakota Rug Giveaway – Enter Now

American Dakota Rug Giveaway – Enter Now

Posted By Paul G March 20th, 2020 Last Updated on: April 3rd, 2020

Enter to win an American Dakota Rug!

Thanks to our friends at American Dakota for providing this awesome prize!


5×8 Distressed Fresco – electric nylon area rug from American Dakota.

About American Dakota

American Dakota is not just a rug company, it's a brand and reflects a life style.

We are a small rug company with an entrepreneurial spirit. We specialize in lodge, Southwest, sometimes unconventional designs. When possible we seek relationships with Indigenous artists in order to build a collaborative rug collection. We then split the profits equally with the artist. Being conscious of a higher calling we strive to champion causes that are in line with our belief system.

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21 thoughts on “American Dakota Rug Giveaway – Enter Now

  1. Cynthia Maclure says:

    I hope to win. ‘this beautiful rug so I can stay warm at the next Abernaki Pow Wow . I will be proud to covering up by the camp fire.🥁🥁

  2. Bonnie Beam says:

    Love powwows.com. & can’t wait to see if I win the beautiful blanket!bre f

  3. Dr Ratko Knezevic says:

    My BA Thesis a long time ago was Native Americans the Way of Libing and Customs…..the one of rare topics of such a kind in Europe and for sure the unique one in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I come from.

  4. Misty Thaxton says:

    I used to go to the pow wows in Albany Ga. I watched the whole time never took my eyes off of the dancing and how intrigued I was I would love to see it all again I have talked about this for over 15 years. Love the culture I still have a dream catcher I got back a long time ago

    • AMANDA Jane NEWLAN says:

      I’ve went to several pow wows and have enjoyed them all. Also, I know that I am part Cherokee indian. I would love to find out what my genes reveal. My brother’s DNA doesn’t show that he didn’t receive any Indian Gene’s. I’m not sure how that works, though. We’ll see.

  5. Ron Adams says:

    I’m new to the area, I’m looking for pow-wow’s in the Boise,Idaho area, as soon as it’s safe to go out and be in the large crowds like we had at the pow-wow’s in Southern California.

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