50 Native American Baby Names and Their Meaning

50 Native American Baby Names and Their Meaning

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All new parents know naming your child is one of the hardest decisions you'll probably ever have to make.

Native American baby names are unique, and they have powerful, sentimental, and beautiful meanings behind them.

Anyone with an American Indian background can pay the ultimate homage to their heritage by giving their bundle of joy a classic Native American name.

Keep reading for 50 unique Native American boy and girl names.

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1. Aiyana
This girl's name means “forever flowering.”

2. Adriel
Adriel is a native American boy's name that means “beaver or symbol of skill.”

3. Bly
If you like shorter names, Bly is a girls name meaning “tall or high.”

4. Bidziil
While this name may sound different to some, it's a male Navajo name meaning “he is strong.”

5. Chenoa
A beautiful girls name with an even more beautiful meaning. Cheona means “white dove.”

6. Cochise
A powerful name for a little boy. Cochise means “Renowned warrior chief of the Chiricahua Apache.”

7. Dakota
Dakota is a popular name for both male and female babies across America. The Native American name means “friend.”

8. Dasan
Another firm male name, Dasan means “chief.”

9. Enola
A female name that means “magnolia.”

10. Elu
Elu is a boy's name that means “full of grace.”

11. Halona
Halona is a female name meaning “fortune.”

12. Hania
This cool boy's name means “spirit warrior.”

13. Istas
If you have a little girl in the winter, maybe name her Istas, it means “snow.”

14. Kai
This name is ultra popular now. It means “willow tree” in Navajo.

15. Mika
Mika is often used for both boys and girls; the name means “rabbit.”

16. Malia
Just like the name of former President Barack Obama's daughter, Malia means “calm” and is derived from the name Mary.

17. Nina
This popular girl's name is common in other cultures as well; it means “mighty or fire.”

18. Nokomis
This unique name is a Chippewa girl's name meaning “grandmother or daughter of the moon.”

19. Odina
The Native American Algonquin name means “mountain.” Usually, it's a girl's name.

20. Jacy
Jacy is a common male Native America name meaning “the moon.”

21. Pocahontas
Arguably the most famous Native American name, it means “playful one.”

22. Tallulah
A beautiful girl's name meaning “leaping water.”

23. Winona
Just like actress Winona Rider, the name means “the first daughter.”

24. Chayton
A popular name for boys Chayton means “falcon.”

25. Kosumi
Another unique boy's name. Kosumi means “fishes for salmon with spear.”

26. Kele
This cute boy's name means “sparrow” in Hopi.

27. Keokuk
A solid boy's name meaning “one who is alert and watchful.”

28. Mitena
A common Native American girl's name meaning “new moon or coming moon.”

29. Mato
This sweet-sounding boy's name means “bear.”

30. Simi
This stunning name means “valley of the wind.”

31. Onacona
Onacona means “white owl” in Cherokee.

32. Nahele
Nahele is a boy's name that means “forest.”

33. Sahale
This boy's name means “above or high place.”

34. Sacajawea
Another famous name on the list. It means “bird woman.”

35. Nayati
A boy's name that means “he who wrestles.”

36. Seattle
Just like the city, it means “man of high status.”

37. Tahoma
This male name means “giver of the water.”

38. Tokala
An adorable name for a little boy. Tokala means “fox.”

39. Nitis
This popular male name means “friend.”

40. Tyee
A strong name for a boy, Tyee means “chief, leader, or big and superior.”

41. Olathe
This stunning girls name literally means “beautiful.”

42. Paco
Paco is a male name meaning “eagle.”

43. Sakari
A cute name for a little girl that means “sweet.”

44. Shilah
A male Navajo name that means “brother.”

45. Shysie
Shysie is a girl's name that means “silent little one.”

46. Takoda
Similar to Dakoda, this female name means “friend to all.”

47. Tayen
A lovely girl's name that means “new moon.”

48. Wapi
Wapi is a male name that means “lucky.”

49. Makawee
Makawee means “Generous, abundant, freely giving and motherly” in Sioux

50. Abedabun
This name is a variation of Cheyanne that means “sight of day.”

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