2017 Native American Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Native American Holiday Gift Guide

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown November 14th, 2017 Last Updated on: November 28th, 2018

As I'm sitting here writing this year's gift guide, the snow has started falling, so yeah, winter is inevitably creeping up on us. That means it's time to think of gifts for the family and loved ones! If you're in need of some help coming up with gift ideas, I've got just what you need.

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Pow Wow Fanatic

2018 Powwow Wall Calendar by Tide-mark Press – $13.92 & FREE Shipping

Current price: $13.92

Now you can enjoy pow wow year-round with this beautiful calendar from Tidemark Press.

Photographer Chris Roberts captures the energy of powwow dancers who proudly preserve their ancestral traditions.

For the Ladies

Emergence Collection Scarf Dress by Aconav – $200

I am absolutely in loooooove with these dresses.

And considering ACONAV was recently named Phoenix Fashion Week’s Couture Designer of the Year, these couture 100% silk dresses are a steal at this price.

Current price: $200

Design Lady jewelry subscription by Gourd Jewels – $59/month introductory offer

Current price: $59

This is the gift that keeps on giving well into the new year!

The “Design Ladies” community is a monthly jewelry subscription service where GourdJewels artist Michael Adams designs a unique pair of earrings for his subscribers. As a “Design Lady”, all jewelry designs are exclusive and will not be available to the general public.

Full Lotion Spray Set by ArXotica – $40

Current price: $40

This new gift set from Alaskan company ArXotica would make a great gift for an Auntie or Grandmother. These lotions sprays are infused with their popular Quyung-lii Anti-Aging Skin Serum. Scents included in the gift set are Sultry Sage, It's Tea Thyme, Wondrous Willow, and Moss ‘n Mint.

For the Men

Native Design Men's Leather Wallet by N8vAce – $19.99

Current price: $19.99

Guys always need something stylish to carry their cash and cards in, so why not something with some Native flair? This wallet from N8VAce is made from genuine leather and can have 4 card slots, 1 clear window, and 2 full-length pockets for cash. Measures 7.87″(W) x 4.72″(H) when open and 3.93″(W) x 4.72″(H) when folded.

Navy City Snapback from Beyond Buckskin – $30.00

Current price: $30

This classic adjustable cap was designed by Sean Vosq (Luiseño) and features a needle and feather design on a raised arrowhead. This would make a great gift for any of your hard to shop for cousins and nephews!


It's not always easy finding good books by Indigenous authors. Luckily we have Birchbark Books to help guide us! Here are a few titles that would be perfect for the little bookworms in your family!

Wild Berries by Julie Flett

Current price: $16.95

Tch, tch, sh, sh, tup, tup. Spend the day picking wild blueberries with Clarence and his grandmother. Meet ant, spider, and fox in a beautiful woodland landscape, the ancestral home of author and illustrator Julie Flett. This book is written in both English and Cree, in particular, the n-dialect, also known as Swampy Cree from the Cumberland House area.

Dragonfly Kites by Tomson Highway/Illustrations by Julie Flett

Current price: $14.99

Joe and Cody, two young Cree brothers, along with their parents and their little dog Ootsie, are spending the summer by one of the hundreds of lakes in northern Manitoba. Summer means a chance to explore the world and make friends with an array of creatures, But what Joe and Cody like doing best of all are flying dragonfly kites. They catch dragonflies and gently tie a length of thread around the middle of each dragonfly before letting it go. Off soar, the dragonflies into the summer sky and off race the brothers and Ootsie too, chasing after their dragonfly kites through trees and meadows and down to the beach before watching them disappear into the night sky. But in their dreams, Joe and Cody soar through the skies with their kites until it's time to wake up.

Dragonfly Kites has a bilingual text, written in English and Cree.

Hiawatha and the Peacemaker by Robbie Robertson/Illustrated by David Shannon

Current price: $15.58

Born of Mohawk and Cayuga descent, musical icon Robbie Robertson learned the story of Hiawatha and his spiritual guide, the Peacemaker, as part of the Iroquois oral tradition. Now he shares the same gift of storytelling with a new generation.

Hiawatha was a strong and articulate Mohawk who was chosen to translate the Peacemaker’s message of unity for the five warring Iroquois nations during the 14th century. This message not only succeeded in uniting the tribes but also forever changed how the Iroquois governed themselves—a blueprint for democracy that would later inspire the authors of the U.S. Constitution.

Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator David Shannon brings the journey of Hiawatha and the Peacemaker to life with arresting oil paintings. Together, Robertson and Shannon have crafted a new children’s classic that will both educate and inspire readers of all ages.

Includes a CD featuring a new, original song written and performed by Robbie Robertson.


NATIVE BABY onesie by The NTVS $16

Current price: $16

Help the newest member of your family show off their Native pride. And definitely, check out the other baby and kid designs on The NTVS website!

Gifts for everyone!

Sweet Dreams Gourmet Gift Box from Native Harvest – $45

Current price: $45

This would make a great gift for whoever might be hosting at their house for the holidays. Give the gift of sweetness and sweet dreams from Native Harvest!

This gift box includes:
1 homemade Maple Butter
1 homemade Maple Candy
1 jar of raw Honey
1 jar Chokecherry Jam and
1 Authentic Dream Catcher to allow you keep all your good dreams.

Native Harvest is owned and operated by the non-profit, White Earth Land Recovery Project. They offer quality Ojibwe handcrafted and hand harvested items made by White Earth Nation community members.

Northern Warrior Hoodie from Totem Design House – $75

Current price: $75

If you see this hoodie on their website, snatch it up as it always sells out! Andy Everson is a Northwest Coast Artist who mixes contemporary and traditional art as shown in this design. And everyone can enjoy these cozy cotton hoodies with sizes available in
Youth Large (10-12) & XL (14), Unisex Adult from Small to 4XL!

Kanada Moccasin by Manitobah Mukluks – $99.99 USD

Current price: $99.99

These Made in Canada moccasins feature a fur ankle cuff, beaded vamp, and suede outer. The Kanada Moccasin is also part of a special collection that features artist-designed beadwork. Rosa Scribe (Cree, Norway House) designed the distinctive ‘snowflake' pattern for the vamp and receives a portion of every sale.

Another great gift item available in both men's and women's sizes!

Sacred Places Floor Pillow by Melvin War Eagle – $79.99

Current price: $79.99

I know the holidays can get a bit crowded over at Grandma's house, so these beautifully designed floor pillows by Melvin War Eagle are just the thing to keep on hand when all the chairs run out. Would also be great for sleepovers with the grandkids and movie night at your place. The pillows are made of 100% polyester and overstuffed with firm-yet-plush fill so they never lose shape. Can choose the round or square shape, from 26″x 26″ to 30″x 30″.

Emergence Greeting and Christmas Cards – Prices vary

Current price: Varies

And sometimes just dropping a card in the mail is all you need to brighten someone's day. Check out these cute greeting cards from Melissa L. Sanchez, from the Pueblos of Acoma and Laguna in New Mexico. She was looking for cute Christmas cards to send out one year and didn't see any she liked so she created some herself! I love the cute gingerbread people! Make sure you visit her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EmergenceGreetings/ to see updated 2017 designs.

To order call: 505 867 7976 or email at [email protected]

I hope this guide has been helpful. Just click on the bold links below each photo to be taken to each individual website to purchase.

Feel free to also look back to our past Baby, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Gift Guides for other ideas. I try my best to make these lists all about Native-owned businesses or native-designed gifts so please think of them the next time you’re shopping! And if you have any Native-owned business suggestions, please send them my way. Would love to help shine a light on your business!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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Toyacoyah Brown is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, currently living in Chicago. She received her B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma and an M.A. in Media Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. When she's not scouring the Internet for fun things to share with PowWows.com readers you can find her digging for vinyl in her local record store or curling up with a good book.

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