Navajo Nation Retrieves Yei Bi Chei Masks from Auction

Francois Mori/Associated Press - "We are not for sale" According to the Navajo Times, a delegation, led by Vice President Rex Lee Jim, was sent to Paris to secure all seven masks that went on sale at the Paris auction house. “This was a very delicate mission,” Jim told foreign reporters after the auction, according a press release from the Navajo Nation Washington Office. “We are happy to ...

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Cherokee Nation Helping Save a Language

Microsoft’s Local Language Program partnered with fluent Cherokee speakers to help the Cherokee Nation preserve their language.

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Rep. Gosar Insults Natives: ‘Wards Of The Federal Government’

On the heels of the controversial land deal, which would be taking Apache land and handing it over to a foreign mining company, U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar adds insult to injury by calling Native Americans "wards of the federal government." Basically we're children that can't make decisions for ourselves so the government has to swoop in and save us? Please! Huffington Post has more on the story: The Arizona Republican was responding to concerns from Phil Stago of the White ...

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Written Heritage Books – 12 Days of Deals

Written Heritage, established in 1990, is one of the leading sellers of American Indian related books and educational / instructional DVDs. Other products include the Missouri River Clothing Pattern line as well as American Indan note and Holiday Greeting cards. Written Heritage also publishes Whispering Wind magazine, established in 1967, is the longest lived publication on the American Indian. In our latest Deal of the Day, you purchase several of their ...

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Is marijuana the next cash crop for Native tribes?

Thursday the Department of Justice released new guidelines allowing American Indian tribes grow and sell marijuana on reservation lands. According to US News and World Report: The new federal policy will allow tribes interested in growing and selling marijuana to do so, if they maintain "robust and effective regulatory systems," John Walsh, the U.S. attorney for Colorado, told the Los Angeles Times. Will this be the next revenue boom for tribes like casinos? Do you want your tribe to start selling ...

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Yakama Elder Recording Traditional Legends in Sahaptin Language

Virginia Beavert is 93 years old, but that's not slowing her down one bit. It wasn't until her her 80s, that she started working on her doctorate in linguistics at the University of Oregon. She now has plans to record a 2 disc CD recording of traditional legends that she has learned from elders of Sahaptin language speaking cultures living in eastern Washington state. But of course she can't do it alone. She needs a little bit of help from ...

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Documentary Explores Horse Culture of the Nez Perce

National Day of the Horse takes place on December 13, 2014, so what better time to talk about the Horse Tribe documentary from Director/Producer Janet Kern. The film explores the renaissance of the legendary horse culture of the Nez Perce--with the help of a charismatic Navajo horseman, Rudy Shebala. Shebala has an exceptional gift of equine expertise, but faces challenges in Idaho--a land far from his traditional Navajo home. His intuitive mentorship also guides at-risk teenagers to develop self-esteem through the strong ...

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Maidu Language Preservation Leads to Lifelong Friendship & Music

Michael Shipley had a unique upbringing in his Northern California home which most definitely influenced the creative work he does today. His father, William Shipley, was an ethnolinguist who taught at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz. As part of his father's doctoral work in the 1950s, he went looking for native speakers of Maidu, a language that had never been properly documented by Euro-Americans. He was fortunate to meet many ...

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White House Tribal Nations Conference – Focus on Native Youth

From the Office of the Press Secretary: On Wednesday, the White House will host the White House Tribal Nations Conference. Leaders from the 566 federally-recognized Native nations engaged with the President, Cabinet Officials, and the White House Council on Native American Affairs on key issues facing tribes including, respecting tribal sovereignty and upholding treaty and trust responsibilities, lack of access to capital and credit, and protecting Native women and youth. This year’s Conference builds on the President’s visit in June of this ...

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This May Be the Last Time DVD Sale – 12 Days of Deals

Recently we featured the film This May Be the Last Time. Our deal of the day is sale on the DVD! About the film: This May Be the Last Time is a documentary about Native American music from Oklahoma-based filmmakers Sterlin Harjo and Matt Leach, to be released by This Land Films. The film focuses on the ceremonial music of the Creek Nation dating back to the early 19th century that ...

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