148th Annual Homecoming Celebration – Winnebago Pow Wow

Our friend Bob Uhl, owner of the Midwest Powwows blog, was fortunate enough to attend the 148th Annual Homecoming Celebration in Winnebago, Nebraska. It is one of the longest running pow wows in North America! Read a little bit more about his experience below: There are not enough wow’s in Powwow to describe the precision & colorful array that took place as more then ...

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Takolo Lakna’ – How Do You Say Orange in Your Language?

How do you say the different colors in your language? In the Chickasaw language they say "takolo lakna'" for the word "orange". Watch the videos below for more colors and the correct pronunciation! Check out Chickasaw.TV for more language lessons!

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Pow Wow Calendar Update – July 23, 2014

Check the list below for the latest Pow Wows added to our calendar and ones coming up in the next couple of weeks! Plan your Pow Wow trips! Upcoming Pow Wow WildFire Phillips InterTribal Pow Wow July 26 - July 27 13 Sharon Drive, Fair Haven, Vermont - 05743 36th Annual Grand Mid-Summer Pow Wow July 25-27, 2013 Queens County Farm Museum, Floral Park, NY July 25 - July 27 73-50 Little Neck Parkway, Floral Park, Queens, Floral Park, New York - 11004-112 Wolf Creek ...

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August 14th – Navajo Code Talker Day in the State of Arizona

Long overdue recognition for Arizona's Navajo Code Talkers. Arizona Central reports Gov. Jan Brewer, joined by several Code Talkers on Wednesday, held a private ceremonial signing of Senate Bill 1099, which unanimously passed both houses of the Legislature earlier this year. ...

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In the Footsteps of the Navajo: Help Ron Cooper with His Journey

Recently we shared a story on Ron Cooper, the Comanche man who retraced the Trail of Tears and wrote a book about his journey. After such an amazing experience he decided he wanted to take on the Navajo Long Walk. Well, that time has come and he's now looking for support with a new Kickstarter. Here's a little bit more from his page: I'll be retracing on foot The Long ...

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Learn the Art of Drum Making with Shawn Littlebear

Shawn Littlebear (Southern Cheyenne) is the host of a new show on Cheyenne and Arapaho Television called The Native Drum. Littlebear is a traditional drum maker who shares with us his techniques for making drums in this premier episode. Watch below! Once again Cheyenne and Arapaho Television are bringing us quality shows that keep traditions and native creativity alive. Thank you!


San Francisco Giants Consider Banning Fake Headdresses at Ballpark

In case you missed it, there was an incident involving fans at the San Francisco Giants' Native American Heritage Night last month. Two Native Americans approached a group of men who had a fake headdress on to let them know it was disrespectful. When the woman, April Negrette, asked to see the headdress the man relented and the story should have ended there. But security got involved and it got a bit ugly afterwards. You can read more from April ...

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9 Works by Indigenous Writers That Every High Schooler Should Know?

We know that our people are great storytellers, so it's nice to see mainstream media touching on the fact that Native authors still aren't as widely recognized. Chelsea Hawkins with PolicyMic.com recently wrote up a list of '9 books by Indigenous Writers that should be taught in every high school'. Chelsea writes: Among the Twains and Morrisons we should also be adding the Silkos and the Momadays. If you want to get ...

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Pow Wow Calendar Update – July 09, 2014

Check the list below for the latest Pow Wows added to our calendar and ones coming up in the next couple of weeks! Plan your Pow Wow trips! Upcoming Pow Wow 29th Annual Taos Pueblo Pow-wow July 11 - July 13 Ben Romero Rd, Taos Pueblo Indian Reservation, New Mexico - 87571 11th Annual Strong Sun Pow Wow July 11 - July 13 808 Beeson Rd., Kernesville, North Carolina - 27285 Dighton Iteriribal Indian Council 20th (Honor Our Elders)Pow Wow July 12 - July 13 979 Somerset ...

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A Journey with our Ancestors: Coast Salish Canoes

The Hibulb Cultural Center and Natural History Preserve in Tulalip, WA recently opened a new exhibit touting the importance of the canoe culture to their people. Brandi N. Montreuil with Tulalip News went to the soft opening of the exhibit and was able to speak with some of the people that helped create the exhibit. “We hope guests learn the importance of canoes and how they were tied to all aspects of ...

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