A Little Slice of Pine Ridge at Sundance Film Festival

A lot of buzz is being generated about the film Songs My Brothers Taught Me, which will be shown at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival this week. Maybe it's because the film is set on the Pine Ridge Reservation and the director, Chloé Zhao, was born in Beijing. As Zhao tells Filmmaker Magazine back in 2013, a lot of people have asked why she's interested in the Lakota's story. “I get asked a lot, ‘Why are you doing this?’” Zhao says ...

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13 New Recipes to Try from #NativeEats Cookbook

Back in November, First Peoples Worldwide put out a call to their readers for recipes with an Indigenous flavor. They collaborated with the American Indian College Fund and came up with a collection of 13 recipes. Ancient Mayan Hot Chocolate Blue Corn Buttermilk Muffins Calabacitas Cherokee Huckleberry Bread Chippewa Wild Rice and Chicken Soup Clay’s Buffalo Meatloaf Corn Hill Soup Fry Bread Mommy Soup Posole with Red Chile Simple Meat Smoked Oyster Potato Cakes Sweet Potato Soup I was just looking for a good ...

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Activist, Entertainer, Educator: Renee Roman Nose’s Visionary Voice!

Visionary. Voice. Vibrance. Renee Roman Nose inspires many through her music, speaking, comedy, acting and example. A Southern Cheyenne, she is a passionate advocate for the environment and for others. Renee Roman Nose shares her motivational enthusiasm and brings a smile to all of us in a delightful visit here on Powwows.com and in two interviews on A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA. Visionary Voice ...

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‘Native Haute Couture’ to Celebrate the History of Native American Fashion

If you're a fashionista and in the Chicagoland area, don't miss out on this new exhibit! The Mitchell Museum of the American Indian will be presenting a new exhibit featuring “Native Haute Couture” on January 31. This year-long exhibit will celebrate the history of Native American high fashion from pre-contact to today. There will be many unique and priceless garments on display that showcase American Indian artistry and expertise in tanning, weaving, ...

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Looking to Learn Tlingit? Great Resource!

I know a lot of us are looking to learn our languages better. Fortunately we are living in the Information Age and there are great online resources for those who don't have access to their community or the elders who still speak it. I recently found a YouTube channel managed by X̱ʼunei (Lance A. Twitchell), Assistant Professor of Alaska Native Languages at the University of Southeast Alaska. This channel contains clips from ...

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MSUM Speaks with Head Dancer Quinne Goodwin-Chaffee

Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) CampusNews interviewed the head female dancer for last year's 25th Annual Woodlands and High Plains Powwow, one of the most popular cultural events in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Quinne Goodwin-Chaffee is a member of the White Earth Nation and has been pow wow dancing all her life. In this interview she shares a cute story about when she started dancing and how it important it is to dance for those who no longer can....

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Native Mascots Made Rapper Shadowyze Angry! Just Wait Till You See What He Did Next!

By Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor Harley Upton (Apache) illustrates the Mascot Controversy from his own personal Native Viewpoint! Credit:H.U.D/Harley Upton Designs Fans vs. Activists. Natives vs Die-hards. Protests and Pictures of non-Natives yelling abuse at those protesting against the use of Native-themed sports mascots. It's all enough to outrage anyone who is concerned about establishing fair ...


Watch the Season 10 Premiere of Native Report!

Native Report with host Stacey Thunder enters its 10th season with a great first episode. Sixth generation master quilt-maker Gwen Westerman talks about culture and history as she constructs a beautiful Star Quilt. The author of Mni Sota Makoce: The Land of the Dakota talks to co-host Tadd Johnson about the sweeping story of the Dakota people and their strong connections to their traditional homelands prior to exile in the 1860’s. And the producers take a look back to season ...

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#realNDNtalk Challenge! One New Sentence Each Week

Instead of the typical new year's resolution of losing a bad habit this girl has chosen to take on a positive one! There's 52 weeks in a year, think about how much you could improve your language skills by learning just one new sentence a week. it all adds up to real improvement! I encourage all of you to take this language learning challenge. Speak your language (or even just a NDN language you're interested in if you don't have one ...


Indigenous Beauty : Gorgeous Exhibit Premieres at Seattle Art Museum

Julian Scott ledger Artist B (Ka’igwu )Kiowa and Comanche Indian Reservation, OklahomaTwelve High-Ranking Kiowa Men, ca. 1880Pencil, colored pencil, and ink on paper7 1/2 × ...

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