Comanche Archery 101: Watch These 4 Videos!

In this four part series from the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center you'll learn how the Comanche used the bow, the arrow, the quiver and how to aim and shoot. The bow and arrow were used with great skill by Comanche warriors. It was a necessary part of Comanche life, essential to the tribe's horse culture.

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Kiowa Black Leggings Warrior Society Featured on Al Jazeera America

Photo by Nicole Tung for Al Jazeera America Tristan Ahtone (Kiowa) recently wrote a story for Al Jazeera America about the Kiowa Black Leggings Warrior Society. The story was touching and the pictures absolutely beautiful. In this piece Ahtone follows Michael Sankadota, an Iraq War veteran, who is about to join the Black Leggings. ...

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First Native Woman to Serve as National Board President of Girls Scouts

In a press release from the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) it was announced that  will serve as National Board President of the iconic Girl Scouts of the USA. Hannan is now the highest ranking volunteer member of the Girl Scouts and is also the first woman of Native American ancestry to serve as National Board President. A member of the Ho-Chunk Nation Tribe of Wisconsin, Hannan credits the tribe's rich cultural identity with playing a vital role in ...

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Chickasaw Celebrate Piominko Day Instead!

In this video from Chickasaw.TV, Jeannie Barbour points out that Chickasaws disagree with the popular thought about Columbus Day and the notion that he “discovered” America. Instead, they celebrate “Piominko Day” since Piominko was the leader who established diplomatic status as a sovereign nation with George Washington.

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Native Firm Wins Prestigious Health Communications Award

Congratulations goes out to Kauffman & Associates, Inc., an American Indian-owned communications and professional services firm, who have won the 2014 National Health Information Award for its 2-year national campaign encouraging American Indians and Alaska Natives to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Other 2014 award winners include the American Association of Retired Persons, American Lung Association, Parents Magazine and the Mayo Clinic. The National Health Information Awards program honors high-quality consumer health information. The ...

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UA Cancer Center Receives Grant For Native American Cancer Research

Monica Yellowhair, PhD Good news out of Arizona! The University of Arizona Cancer Center is receiving a grant to help with Native American cancer research. The UA Cancer Center will get part of a $13 million grant for tribal-approved research. The grant will also serve to keep recruiting Native students to work in the biomedical field. The grant will help them work with tribal health services on three ...

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2014 Annual Meeting and Festival – Chickasaw Nation

In this episode of CNTV News, Brad Clonch and Quin Tran take viewers to the Chickasaw National Capitol in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, for a special episode on the 2014 Annual Meeting and Festival. They share Governor Anoatubby’s message from the annual State of the Nation Address on October 4 and speak with Chickasaw citizens who took part in the 2014 Annual Meeting and Festival. The episode takes viewers to the Annual ...

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Is This Redsk*ns Defender a Phony?

It wouldn't be the first time NFL team owner Dan Snyder has trotted out a "real" Native to support his cause to keep the name, only to be found out later they were a fake. Last year Deadspin ran an article about Chief Dodson, who was portrayed as "a full-blooded American Inuit chief originally from the Aleutian Tribes of Alaska". The terminology of that statement was all wrong and that's what led people into investigating his origins. [caption id="attachment_11356" ...


Columbus Day? No Way!

As a Comanche woman, I usually ignore Columbus day. Ok, I admit it, I cross out the date with a Sharpie when I flip my wall calendar over to October. But now that I have a son in school it's getting a bit harder to ignore. Last year his kindergarten class talked about Christopher Columbus for a whole week. Seriously? Ugh. But I know it's not just Native Americans that want to ...


21 Images from the 2014 California Native American Day Celebration

Caleen addressing the audience On September 26, 2014, California celebrated its 47th Annual Native American Day. At its capitol in Sacramento, CA a rally was held with the theme "Water is Sacred". Tribal leaders from across the state gathered along with performances from dancers and singers. Photographer Paula Schultz was at the event to capture the scene....

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