Author: Jeanette Centeno

10 Biggest Native American Tribes Today

What’s the biggest Native American tribe in the U.S. today? Well, Native Americans and Alaska Natives now account for more than 2 percent of the total U.S. population, and that number continues to grow each year. By the year 2060, the U.S. Census projects that the Native population could surpass...

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How Can We Improve Healthcare in Indigenous Communities? – An RN’s Take

As COVID-19 numbers continue to rise and healthcare workers struggle to keep patients safe, indigenous communities across the U.S. fight to be recognized. COVID-19, along with many other diseases, has disproportionately impacted tribal communities, who, at times, lack essential needs and access to adequate medical care. But COVID-19 is just...

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Free Email Series: What to Expect at Your First Pow Wow