Native Profiile – Dyanni Smith-Hamilton

By Paul G on August 27, 2011
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What is your full name?
Dyanni Smith-Hamilton

What tribe(s) are you?

What is your nickname?

Where are you originally from?
Born in Hollywood,FLA…but grew up in Albuquerque,NM

Native Profiile - Dyanni Smith-HamiltonWhere are you living now?

Are you married or single (or it’s complicated)
*L Married

What are the powwows you plan to attend this year?
Gathering, Prairie Island

What are your favorite powwows to attend?
Prairie Island, Shakopee (same time as Santa Fe Indian Market… boo!)

What are your favorite drum groups?
Poundmaker, Thunderhill πŸ™‚

What style(s) do you dance?
Southern Cloth

Who do you consider good dancers in your category(s)?
Angela Butler, Amanda Harris, Rosie Motah

How do you train?
Powwows & an elliptical trainer (it doubles as a clothes rack some months! lol)

Who makes your outfits?
I make our whole family’s outfits but most of my beadwork was made by Deneta Kauly of Checotah,OK.

What transportation do you use to travel to powwows?
Honda Odyssey

Will gas prices or other obligations affect your traveling to powwows this year?
No…but they sure suck a lot of the fun out of it! lol

What is your favorite music to listen to?
R&B, House, and Oldies (40’s was an awesome era)

What domestic skills or trade do you have?
Uhm…I have my Culinary Certification, 2 Dementional Art Degree, and I love to bead & sew πŸ™‚

What do you do when you’re not powwowing?
Art shows, clean house, change diapers..the normal stuff. lol

What is your favorite food?

Advice you would give to young people who look up to you?
Give what you want to receive..even if the person might not appreciate it. God is always watching πŸ˜‰

Is there anything you would like to share or for people to know about you?
Because I keep to myself, most people wouldn’t know I am friendly and I love to joke & laugh.



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11 Responses to “Native Profiile – Dyanni Smith-Hamilton”

  1. NancyJo says:

    Nice interview!! You are a very elegant and beautiful lady!

  2. dora birdshead says:

    Hey Nonni!!! So happy did an interview with this amazing gal!!!! She is so talented and such a sweetie πŸ™‚

  3. Antoinette Doyle says:

    You are very beautiful, I love ur dress its fab, hope u had a great time.

  4. Angela Butler says:

    Nonni is phenomenal! great dancer, artist, mom, and overall amazing person! great to have her as a friend πŸ™‚

  5. Robert Young says:

    im looking for someone to hire,,,to make my neice an outfit…shes a very tall girl…traditional,,so yes,,,its gonna take alot of beads. will pay. leave me a not on face book Bob-skin young.

  6. Dee says:

    Ya’at’eeh, what clans are you?

  7. Tablet Deals 2011 says:

    This surely makes great sense to me.

  8. wendy Rivers says:

    Hello, who is okay…
    My Name is Ms.wendy Rivers..
    im is Deaf….i said talk About American Native indian yes good Dance okay.. soon tell you know i Have yes American Native indian yes for her Ms. Wendy Rivers.. Right Okay..
    p.s. i say talk about yes i like too friend good bye Happy and i say tell about yes how Help Learn train Dance okay…
    Thank you..
    Ms.wendy Rivers..

  9. The Rose says:

    In my years since I was thirteen I admired this woman. Talented, beautiful, funny, strong, encouraging, reliable, honest, and most of loving. I am very proud she accepts my faults and loves me anyways as sister. Never left my side and always gave me her umbrella rain or shine. I give my prayerful hopes of life, love, laughter and continued support to her and all that surrounds her. Proud to see Sista Nonni as mom, wife, daughter, sister and the remarkable woman she has always been to me.

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