Why Joe Biden will be good for Indian Country!

Why Joe Biden will be good for Indian Country!

Its election time!  This evening Presidential hopeful Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate and immediately my eyes lit up because I thought Indian People just might finally have an ally with this government!

Lets get straight to Biden's campaign promises for Native people:

  • “If elected in November, Biden said he would make health services funding mandatory”  .   

This campaign promise is in response to Trumps administration's lag for, “delaying the first installment of coronavirus financial aid to Native Americans, who sued the administration to block it from giving some of the money to for-profit corporations operated by Native Americans”  .  

  • “Biden said he would uphold tribal sovereignty and would ensure the views and voices of Native Americans are heard when his administration makes decisions in their interest”  . (azcentral.com)

For those of you not familiar with Federal Indian Policy, we have a trust relationship with the United States, in exchange for giving up our land, the U.S government is expected to honor its treaty obligations with Native people, which often times was ignored by past U.S. administrations. 

Just recently Biden announced that he's against uranium mining in the Grand Canyon.  This is big because it prevents further contamination of the Colorado River, which not only affects Native people who depend on the water but also anyone who buys agricultural produce from the farming industries of Riverside and Imperial County in California, whose crops are irrigated by the Colorado River down stream. 

This also comes at a time when, “the Trump administration on Monday took another step to opening Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling for oil and gas, potentially fulfilling a decades-long dream for Republicans”  . (indiancountrytoday.com)

  • “Invest in Native students​.​  Joe will dramatically increase funding for both public schools and Bureau of Indian Education schools.  He’ll also ensure every Native student has access to education beyond a high school diploma”  . 

As a product of a BIA Education, this is big.  I saw first hand how many of our teachers were underpaid because the BIA funding formula was rarely updated to reflect the current cost of living.  At Haskell, some of our sports programs were cut because the schools budget couldn't sustain them.

  • “Provide reliable, affordable healthcare. ​Joe recognizes the federal government has a treaty and trust responsibility to provide health care services to Native Americans”  . 

Its not secret to Native people that IHS (Indian Health Service) could use some improvement.  I had teeth yanked from IHS Dental because they couldn't perform route canals. 

  • “Expand economic and community development in Indian Country.  Joe is calling for a transformational investment in our country’s infrastructure, housing, and economic development in every corner of the country, including in Indian Country”  . (joebiden.com)

For those of you who've actually visited Indian Country, you know that we have quite a few Indian reservations that are very remote and the hardest thing to do out in the middle of nowhere, is have a thriving economy.

  • “Fight for Native voting rights.​ ​ As president, Joe will continue to not only protect the right of American Indian and Alaska Natives to vote, but to make it easier to vote.  This includes leading the way to restore the Voting Rights Act and appointing leaders to the Justice Department who will challenge every law designed to suppress the Native vote”  . 

Here are some quick fun facts, Native Americans didn't receive their U.S. Citizenship until 1924 and we also weren't guaranteed the right to vote in every state until 1962. (history.com)

Read more of Joe Biden's platform for Indian Country.

So before any of our readers begin leaving their comments on our Facebook page and attempt to give us our opinion, just remember, our political views are different from that of the other ethnic groups, our politics & tribal governments are based on historical treaties with the United States.  

The fate of our livelihoods changes from generation to generation, depending on who's in office.  

And all I can really tell any of you, especially if you're Non-Native, is that we don’t think in the short term of things, especially if we have to wait out unsavory politicians, 500 years of living with colonists will do that to you.

Last Updated on August 17, 2020 by Charlie Ballard

35 Comments on “Why Joe Biden will be good for Indian Country!”

  • Avatar for hayden Redwood

    hayden Redwood


    I love the replys, dont fall for the political class tricks they are owned by big wealthy interests.

    I hope you native Americans not falling for the Scamdemic another illusion created by the puppet masters of human mind manipulation.

  • Avatar for Candi McGee

    Candi McGee


    I have to agree with the first two Replies. Biden has had half a century to help Native Peoples, and if he has not done it yet, he is never going to.
    If you have been paying attention, Joe Biden is suffering from some sort of senile dementia. The poor man literally cannot remember what he was saying at the beginning of a sentence by the time he has gotten to the middle of the sentence. He has arguments with himself. Even if he had a snowball’s chance in Hades of being elected, he would never run this country, not for a single hour. And even if he did, he would not even remember the “promises” he made to you…never mind the rest of the country.
    All politicians are liars, and say whatever it takes to get elected. But the Democrats have taken it several steps further, and lie right into our faces, while showing us a video that PROVES they are lying.
    Don’t be a sucker for the Dem’s. They have done nothing for Native Peoples, they have done nothing for Black people, they have done nothing for anyone except themselves. They are actively pushing Socialism, which is the polite way of saying Communism. No one wins with this. Ask anyone who has escaped Cuba.
    May God Bless you and watch over you and your people.

    • Avatar for lODOVES



      This is pure drivel. Trump IS PRESIDENT of this country RIGHT NOW. What has he done? Almost 200,000 people are dead from his WILLFUL mishandling of the pandemic. He is a hate monger and a racist, a sociopathic opportunist, and a con man. His supporters shout ‘socialism’ at the Democrats, yet their the REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT is in bed with Vladimir Putin- our enemy— the man who meddled in the 2016 election and who continues to do so today. Our elections are at risk because of Trump’s purposeful dismantling of the post office. Gerrymandering and fear mongering are causing the disenfranchisment of thousands of poor and elderly voters. UNEMPLOYMENT has skyrocketed to unprecedented heights under his watch. Countless businesses have failed. He has dismantled every Obama law written to protect the environment. Trump doesn’t believe in climate change, yet the country is ablaze, the air is unbreathable, and the south is being pummeled with yet another hurricane. He praises white supremacists, supports the police in their brutality against people of color, and he disparages our soldiers. He fires anyone who speaks truth and hires family, and sycophants to replace them. He lies incessantly. Covid is NOT A HOAX.
      Trump is a cancer on this nation. It will be the end of Democracy if he gets four more years
      Biden is a good, moral, man. He has served this nation well. He was the trusted Vice President to the FIRST PRESIDENT OF COLOR that this country was proud to elect. He and his family served in the armed forces. He is a CENTRIST CANDIDATE— (in the middle)— and a perfect compromise to bring both sides of this country together. Trump’s REPUBLICAN senate has roadblocked EVERY piece of decent legislation meant to help the middle and lower classes. Don’t blame Biden for Mitch McConnell’s purposeful roadblock to make life better for the majority in this country.
      If you can, go to Democrats.org to see what the Democratic Party is offering on its platform—- (90 pages of purposeful policy, from civil rights, job creation, green energy, education, racial equality, immigration, healthcare. What do the REPUBLICANS offer? NOTHING. No platform, but lots of hate speech, fear mongering, and lies.
      Register. VOTE. You count, more than you can ever know. Vote BLUE- for every position. END ANARCHY and send Trump and his cohorts packing.

      • Avatar for Ronald Sapp

        Ronald Sapp


        I hope the sky is clearing and you can see the Democrats agenda better. They have done nothing for 4 years to help the country. They have blocked every program that has been put out by the Republicans. JUST because they didn’t like Donald Trump. Childs play should not be involved with the politics of our nation. Wait until the socialist zits really come into power. Socialism does not work in any place in the world. It has done nothing but run countries into the ground.

    • Avatar for linda



      AMEN! IT IS NOT WISE, to follow on the heels of-evil. Have any Native Americans turned from Jesus, and left God’ side, to go on and join up with Democrats/to ride with them and be of their ways. I hope not. Many Native Americans have believed in ‘spirits’ Listen to your ancestors. I pray for ALL tribes to walk with Jesus.DO NOT be fools of evil. I pray Blessings to ALL Native American tribes! Dance on, and sing. Nothing is more beautiful!

  • Avatar for Paula Evans

    Paula Evans


    I don’t need a Preacher, a Teacher, a Politician to tell me how to live. The Kingdom of the Creator is within me.😍
    poli-tics- ( MANY-BLOODSUCKERS)😕

    😊- Indigenous Roundtable of Elders
    (Grandmothers & Grandfathers)

  • Avatar for Sunshine



    I don’t need a preacher, a teacher, a politician to teach me how to live. The Kingdom of God is within.
    POL-I-TICS= many- bloodsuckers🤨

    😊= Indigenous Roundtable of ELDERS
    (Grandmothers & Grandfathers)

  • Avatar for Charlie DeVier

    Charlie DeVier


    Biden is too sick to be president. He will “retire” and give the office to Kamala Harris. We do not want her for president .

  • Avatar for Diana Williams

    Diana Williams


    All i know is not one of these guys running is going to do anything good for our people, same as the past & now the present.

  • Avatar for deb



    I am sorry to see the support for Joe Biden from Native Americans. And I am also sorry to see the USA not living up to its treaties, as usual. And one more thing, if the Democrats have not honored all you want and need in the past, why in the world would you think Joe Biden and this group of radicals will honor all this time. Obama and Biden had their chance for 8 years and all Native Americans are still lacking. Think hard and long about what would happen to this country if these radicals were to get control of this country. You think your poverty level is bad now, your think your suicide rates are high now, you think your housing conditions are bad now, you think your youth do not have good schools now….think again my brothers and sisters, this would be a bigger disaster then it is now. Please do your research.

  • Avatar for Maria L. Park

    Maria L. Park


    Anyone will be better than the current idiot in charge. Vote, it matters! A no vote is a vote for the current administration.

  • Avatar for Eddie



    My thoughts exactly.

  • Avatar for Mildred C. Taylor

    Mildred C. Taylor


    Are you nuts! Joe Biden is just another asshole white man who doesn’t even what Country he is in. He will not keep his word. Think! This man you think is going to help the Native Americans has already to the Aferican people that if they aren’t voting for him you aren’t black. He is as racist as they come. He claims to be Roman Catholic but yet he believes in Abortion at full birth. In 47 years in government what has he done for the Native Americans? NOTHING…Don’t be fooled. He won’t do anything.

  • Avatar for Linda Howell

    Linda Howell


    Biden will not be good for Indian Country. Look at his record. He hasn’t done anything for anybody but himself and his cronies the Democrats.

  • Avatar for Charles Lyles

    Charles Lyles


    I say!!!! lets try Biden/Harris , They are 100 times better then Trump, Please !! anything but Trump, Please, Note!!! If we have 4 more years of Trump will Indians be better off, I say no Way, Vote Biden/Harris

  • Avatar for Bonnie



    Biden is most certainly a puppet, he can’t finish a sentence and has never explained why the Chinese gave his family over a Billion dollars.

  • Avatar for Allison Zigadlo

    Allison Zigadlo


    Biden is not good for any body unless your a criminal.he did nothing in the White House for 8 years.he makes promises he won’t keep after getting elected.Trump will help you get what you want,make a request.don’t demand like the other groups.

  • Avatar for Denali Holana

    Denali Holana


    Joe Biden isn’t even good for Joe Biden! Soon we’ll have people coming and burning down all of our communities as they force socialism and riots on everyone.

  • Avatar for Lee Morelli

    Lee Morelli


    Biden has said he will make it better, but he has not put forth one statement as to how he will make it better.

  • Avatar for Joel Young

    Joel Young


    We have the ability to determine our destiny. The encouragement here is to rely on Candidate Joe Biden to give thing$ to Indian country. We need to rise up out of dependent status, regardless of who wins the Presidency. We have the resources to improve the lives of our families. I’m currently living in East Africa, if these folks can do it, so can we!

  • Avatar for Roger Speck

    Roger Speck


    You have drunk the kool ade if you think nummy will do anything for anyone except ol joey and his dem cronies.

  • Avatar for Vicky ODell


  • Avatar for Bobby Chavez Fowler

    Bobby Chavez Fowler


    So it’s much better to believe Trump who is a rich fake President that has never had to walk in the shoes of a normal American who works to provide for his family? Is it better to stand up for a political party rather than stand up for America and everything it stands for…….Truth and Justice and most of all Honesty? Respect is not even in Trump’s vocabulary!!!!

  • Avatar for Julie hendry

    Julie hendry


    Today is a new day, free Leonard PELTIER, a political prisoner with no eveidnce that he had killed anyone. He was there as was so many others there on both sides, no one proved he was quilty he’s live the majority in prison for the betterment of political jobs. He is innocent.??demand Free Leon peltier . Freedom he’s served enough time for a crime he never committed. Free Leonard PELTIER

  • Avatar for Nathan Merritt

    Nathan Merritt


    Charlie Ballard will try to sway votes for whoever pays him the most.

  • Avatar for Nathan Merritt

    Nathan Merritt


    Biden and Harris believe in killing unborn Native American babies, repartization for black Americans, what about giving back our land and apologizing for the trail of tears
    Don’t be fooled by the forked tongue of this white man and his running mate who is part Indian (from India) and part Puerto Rican, but saying she is black now, they both speak with forked tongue.




    Biden will not be good for Indian Country. He’s like all politicians of the past that make promises to Indian peoples and never follow through. He’s an inept puppet.

    • Avatar for Maxine Hunnicutt

      Are you kidding me? In the first place a vote for Biden is a vote for a Harris presidency, the most fat left Senator in history. Biden’s mental issues will guarantee that if he makes it to Election Day, shortly thereafter he will have to step down. Last night’s DNC convention openly announced their agenda is gun confiscation, more taxes, loss of private healthcare, loss of jobs in the oil & gas industries and open borders. As a Native American, not good for USA; Trump has done things for Natives. I will not support any org. that supports democrats.

    • Avatar for Mark Fortner

      Thank You Laddie Storckman, TRUER WORDS HAVE (NEVER ) BEEN WRITTEN! Natives have ALWAYS BEEN “STABBED IN THE BACK”, by LYING Politicians in D.C. The LIAR Biden is NO DIFFERENT!

    • Avatar for Paula Evans

      Paula Evans


      I don’t need a preacher, a teacher, a politician to teach me how to live. The Kingdom of God is within.
      POL-I-TICS= many- bloodsuckers🤨

      😊= Indigenous Roundtable of ELDERS
      (Grandmothers & Grandfathers)

  • Avatar for Terry DeFee

    If you believe anything from a Democrats mouth, you are stuck on Stupid. Biden was in the White House for 8 year’s and did nothing but make his family richer. Biden has been in politics for almost 50 year’s. And you believe him? You are so ignorant….

    • Avatar for Maxine Hunnicutt

      Maxine Hunnicutt


      Amen, Amen, Amen!!!

    • Avatar for Vicki White Wolf

      Vicki White Wolf


      Exactly. Also sold 20% of our uranium to Russia.

    • Avatar for Mark Fortner

      Excellent Comment! Biden and ALL other “Brainless Bolshevik” (Marxist) NEED TO GET THEIR MINDS OUT OF THE (GUTTER).

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