PowWows.com Celebrates 25 Years – 1996 – 2021

PowWows.com Celebrates 25 Years – 1996 – 2021

Posted By Paul G June 15th, 2021 Last Updated on: July 7th, 2021

PowWows.com was born by a happy accident in 1996.  Now 25 years later we are the leading community for Native American culture.

Back in 1996, I was in graduate school and decided to teach myself how to build web pages.  I built pages about topics I was involved in – Pow Wow dancing and vintage Star Wars toy collecting (yes, I'm one of those Star Wars geeks).  The Star Wars page is still out there as it existed in 1996.  The Pow Wow immediately began to attract visitors.  Quickly after building the first pages, I added a forum and our community began.

You, our Pow Wow Nation, have propelled PowWows.com into what it is now.  

I want to celebrate those 25 years with you.

Over the next few months, I have some exciting plans for our celebration including an amazing contest, announcements, new features, and more.

Let's start with the biggest contest PowWows.com has ever had.

What would a great prize to celebrate 25 years?

How about 25 Pendleton blankets!

That's right, you can enter below for your chance to win one of 25 blankets. 

25 different people will win a new Pendleton Blanket.



  • 1st Prize – Courage to Bloom Blanket
  • 2nd Prize – Pilot Rock Blanket
  • 3rd Prize – Big Medicine Blanket
  • 4th Prize – Shared Spirit Blanket
  • 5th Prize – Fire Legend Blanket
  • 6th Prize – Yakima Camp Blanket
  • 7th Prize – Yakima Camp Blanket
  • 8th Prize – Yakima Camp Blanket
  • 9th Prize – Yakima Camp Blanket
  • 10th Prize – Yakima Camp Blanket
  • 11th Prize – Thunder Basket Throw Blanket
  • 12th Prize – Thunder Basket Throw Blanket
  • 13th Prize – Fossil Spring Throw Blanket
  • 14th Prize – Fossil Spring Throw Blanket
  • 15th Prize – Crescent Butte Throw Blanket
  • 16th Prize – Star Guardian Crib Blanket
  • 17th Prize – Morning Cradleboard Crib Blanket
  • 18th Prize – Moon Dance Crib Blanket
  • 19th Prize – Wind Riders Crib Blanket
  • 20th Prize – Sunrise Crib Blanket
  • 21st Place – Prairie Rush Hour Crib Blanket
  • 22nd Place – Woodland Neighbors Crib Blanket
  • 23rd Place – Chief Joseph Crib Blanket
  • 24th Place – Chief Joseph Crib Blanket
  • 25th Place – Big Medicine Crib Blanket

Giveaway Entry Form



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Linda Bibb

We are truly blessed to watch the streaming of the Grand Entry at Morongo Thunder and Lightning tonight. Thank you, [email protected]!!


Hi Paul, the code sent with the coloring book email isn’t working. 😥

** Ignore 😊. I got it to work !

Last edited 4 days ago by MINTA THOMSON
Running Doe

osiyo, such beauty in all of the wonderful blankets wado, for sharing

Nakia Hawley

I keep trying to enter my bonus code and it’s giving me an error saying invalid bonus entry code. I just received this code and have also tried to copy and paste it. Still getting the error.


Went from 6000 entries to 1 this morning. Nothing in the official rules says I broke a rule. Just because you created a points system that was easily overcome by common sense to gain bonus codes, you deleted all but one entry. Maybe next time you should use an alpha numeric system for your bonus codes.


Hi Paul,
I haven’t found the weekly code today. I have been looking for it all day.


Did I have to make a purchase the other day to receive the code. I was on the website looking all day and found no code. I added a hoodie to my cart. I’m trying to get every code I can entered.

Thank You,


Where am I able to get the code from thats only thing I am missing.

bonnie newman

Your bonus codes do not work. Got one in an email did not work so I did not get an extra entry

Sandra Furgeri

Hi Paul. I have done my daily entries for the giveaway and I should be over 600 entries. Today it says I only have 116? How can this be corrected?
Also, I love PowWows.com. It has a wonderful array of articles, videos, pod casts etc. keep up the good work! Blessings

Joyce Smith

Paul, I have a question. On the Podcast with D. Standing Cloud you mentioned that the Blanket Contest would be by random drawing. If that is right, what is the purpose of accumulating all the points? I thought the highest 25 in points would be the winners.

Dini D.

It’s like entering a raffle: The more tickets you get, the greater your chances of winning. A random draw, but your chances are better with more entries.

Joyce Smith

The code 1374 from the 50 Tatoos keeps coming up invalid.

Betsy Sanford

I haven’t been able to get ANY bonus codes

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