Pow Wow Grant Program – Helping To Keep Traditions Alive

Pow Wow Grant Program – Helping To Keep Traditions Alive

PowWows.com holds a profound appreciation for the rich cultural traditions of Native American communities. We recognize the vital importance of preserving and carrying forward these traditions and feel privileged to stand by those who devote their lives to their preservation.

Our Pow Wow Grant Program stands as a tangible expression of our dedication to giving back to Native American dancers, singers, and powwow organizers.

Pow Wow Grant Program

We recognize that practicing and participating in pow wows involves significant dedication and expense. We know that being a part of the pow wow world can sometimes break the bank. The cost of traveling to events, building and maintaining regalia, securing space for the pow wow, and hiring head staff can be a real challenge. 

Through the support of our dedicated followers, we are now able to give back.  We believe in the importance of these traditions and the role pow wows play in keeping them alive and thriving for the next generation.

Application Process

In 2024, we will provide detailed information about the application process. We encourage dancers, singers, and powwow organizers to apply and share their stories with us. 

Award Distribution

The evaluation of applications will be carried out by an independent panel of experts.

By supporting this program, we aim to empower Native American communities and individuals in their ongoing efforts to safeguard and nurture their cultural heritage. Together, with the support of our dedicated readers, we will help ensure that these vibrant traditions continue to thrive and remain an integral part of the Native American experience.

Join us in this mission to honor and sustain the legacy of Native American traditions through the PowWows.com Grant Program.

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5 Comments on “Pow Wow Grant Program – Helping To Keep Traditions Alive”

  • Avatar for Corey Herrera

    We are hosting our annual Indigenous Peoples Day pow wow and are interested in applying for the grant. Where can we apply and what information do we need to provide?

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      More info will be available in May.

  • Avatar for Camiell Simpson

    Camiell Simpson


    We are hosting our first ever Mental Health and Wellness Powwow in one of four of community for our Washoe People. This Powwow will be open for everyone, but we saw the need to host one in Woodfords California as this tradition has not been practiced in this area for some time. We plan on having this event in 2025. Will this grant open up again for next year.

    • Avatar for Paul G

      Paul G


      The grant should open soon. We have not done award for 2024 yet.

  • Avatar for Karen



    Iroquois in da house

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