Nike N7 Pendleton Blanket Giveaway

Nike N7 Pendleton Blanket Giveaway

Posted By Paul G January 15th, 2021 Last Updated on: January 26th, 2021

New Year – New Giveaway!

Thanks to our friends at Pendleton for sponsoring this giveaway.

Happy New Year, I hope 2021 is a great year for you and your family.  Thank you for all your support in 2020!

About Nike N7 Blanket

This USA-made wool blanket illustrates the past, present, and future of Native peoples. The central N7 motif represents the impact of each person (the diamond) on the three generations before and after (arrows). A storm pattern with zigzags of lightning honors heritage, while steps show the path to overcoming life’s challenges. The rich colors were inspired by traditional dyes, and reflect the beauty of the southwestern landscape. This blanket was designed by Tracie Jackson, a Diné artist and designer from Star Mountain in the Navajo Nation. She is a 4th generation artisan. Her grandparents and mother are silversmiths, and both her maternal great grandmothers are rug weavers. Her family encouraged her to study the traditional art forms of her tribe, and with their support, she became a painter, jeweler, beader, and graphic designer. Tracie studied design at the University of Oregon and currently works in Portland, Oregon, designing for the Nike N7 program. This has been her dream job since she was 14 years old when she first saw N7 at a Native basketball tournament. “I was taught to get an education and use it to help our Native community, which pushed me to become a designer for N7.”

Good luck!  Remember to enter daily for more chances to win!


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Carolann McLaughlin

love this blanket



Carolann McLaughlin

Can’t wait to change out old blankets for one of these!!

Karrie Welborn

Pendleton blankets are amazing. Best of luck to everyone.


beautiful blanket

Billy DeBinion

A New Year is here an its going to Be the best yet ill enjoy My special Nike N7 Pendleton Blanket 😉


Absolutely gorgeous blanket, thank you for this chance. Beyond the blanket I’m very glad I found this page as I’ve learned so much, have new shops to explore and the videos are wonderful.

Mari Stachenfeld

Why don’t you sponsor a contest for students where they write about what they have learned about Native Culture?

Maureen Frost

Beautiful Blanket

Paula Cribb

Thanks for the opportunity to win! Good luck to everyone! Such a beautiful blanket!

Bonnie Lieberman

Colors, shapes and forms of nature. Earth’s maternal magnificence. Subtly bold yet understated. Sharp and clear-cut edges on soft, warm wool. Give story of a proud, enduring people. Earth and nature protects and provides. We come to know mother’s ways. She envelopes us in her richness. Both in harsh realities and in a forgiving nature. As our bones grow cold and weary, we long for mother’s warmth the wool blanket of our people’s represent. Spread wise across the shoulders in our hands with feet placed firmly on the soil. We wrap ourselves in the warmth like a cocoon. Like a small bat or wise owl shielding ourselves from that which chills the bones. We feel the warm take over. The warm if our own body insulates. It feels like being secured in a papoose. Relaxed. We dare dream if spirits of ancestors and our spirit animals. Come to visit. As we sit at the fire until dawn’s light.

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