Native Music Radio – Free Online Native American Music Radio

Native Music Radio – Free Online Native American Music Radio

Posted By Paul G February 16th, 2012 Last Updated on: December 3rd, 2015 – Your source for ALL types of Native American music – jazz, rock, rap, country and more!

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220 thoughts on “Native Music Radio – Free Online Native American Music Radio

  1. Siera Young says:

    Wow I never knew this existed…im Northern Arapaho and Assiniboine Sioux. I’m very glad I found this site…gonna spread the word 🙂

  2. Hinmatonyalatkit Franco says:

    Are you guys ever going to update your apple app to iOS 11 or higher, I miss listening on my iPhone

  3. Malcolm McKerry says:

    Unable to listen on my Iphone and Ipad, the site is reading that the developer of this app needs to update to iso 11, can this be corrected at your end? I enjoy the music. Thanks

  4. Malcolm McKerry says:

    Listening from The Navajo Nation here in New Mexico. I have Iphone and an Ipad, was able to listen on these devices but no longer can, its reading that “the developer of this app needs to update it to work with ios 11.” Can this be done? Thanks

  5. Donald Moquin (AKA - Grumpy ) says:

    If anyone in Barrie Ontario Canada can assist me on my journey-I need help

    I am looking for an OPEN public sweat in my area that I can attend but no one seems to be able to help me.

    I have some 25% native blood in me and this has been a dream of mine for many many years now.

    reply to:

    [email protected]

    if anyone can assist me-thank you in advance to all my brothers and sisters.

  6. Donald Moquin (AKA - Grumpy ) says:

    Just found this online-AWSOME
    Its about time my Native Brothers and Sisters.


  7. Michele says:

    Is there a group attending the Seminole Pow-Wow that I might ride along with from Pinellas FL?

  8. Vernon Wynecoop says:

    I love my Native music a lot but I want to keep listening to my Native American music a ll the time.

  9. Sharleen Jordan says:

    Thank You ! for your awesome music…. i love it … i love music …. love jamming to fast music … .

  10. jerry d holaway says:

    hi I just found this site and its has great soul felt music/ thru my study I have Kickapoo Indian in my blood line plus my wife Judy has Cherokee Indian in her blood line too/ great to be born in this great country America hope it stay free/ all the powers that rule over us are of the devil and I mean Obama and his imps/pray we as a born America people we stay free in JESUS NAME/

  11. Geronimo says:

    I love listening to your station and it brings me great peace! I’m a native veteran (Cold War). it give me comfort when I need it.

  12. Michelle says:

    A big hello from down under.
    Just love your music………………..
    Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  13. Diana says:

    Greetings from Germany (Berlin) I love your music it warms my soul thank you there you and I can hear you

  14. Dorothy Guinn says:

    Hi Paul G, I have an original song about my Native American Heritage. It was recorded at two of the best studios Ardent in Memphis, and Nutthouse Shoals Al. I have received radio play however I feel it needs to be heard by your audience.Please give me info how to submit, I have mp3 or wav file available. Thanks so much and I love the music played here!

      • Dorothy Guinn says:

        Hello Paul G, I received the info to send my radio submission however it did not work. Can you please be more specific? Thanks, Dorothy Guinn

  15. Racing Turtle says:

    Is there any way to copy the music as it plays onto a hard drive?

  16. RacingTurtle says:

    I love this music, and I have shared the site in my community in Google Plus. I hope many come and listen and enjoy the freedom we have to play and listen to that nmusic which is ours!
    Racing Turtle

  17. Ronald L Cook says:

    Could anyone tell me if My great grand children can be adopted out to none indian blood? I have Indian blood. I
    heard that the indian tribes are putting a stop to whites
    of none indian blood of adopting child with indian blood.
    Let me know [email protected]

  18. Ronald L Cook says:

    I have Indian blood, what I need to know is can social service adopt out my great grand children to a non family member who does not have Indian blood?

  19. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in fact was a leisure account it.
    Look advanced to far introduced agreeable from you!
    However, how could we communicate?

  20. Linda Lauder says:

    I happened upon this website. The music is AMAZING. Memorial Song hooked me in then Desert winds sent a chill; haunting and beautiful, the spirits speak through this music.Thank-you, you have enriched my day

  21. joe keith snowhawk mauney says:

    I,m half Cherokee than irish,german on my mothers side.
    my father passed before every seeing in 1953.
    mom remarried,but my stepdad made sure Iknem my roots.
    there is much I learn from the people. and one thing was the love of or music. we have no station here in north
    Carolina. I found this station 3/8/2015. with the help of the spirits and grand father. i’ll be 60years old soon.and I’ve not heard mousic like this in years.the last was robet raintree and that was a tape./ thank you from my heart.
    may oyu station be blessed by grandfather and spirits.

    yours truly
    joe snowhawk mauney

  22. Edward Wainwright says:

    I listened to Native Music Radio for 2 years with weekly File Error messages that I could close and restart. Since Christmas time, however, I cannot get it to start AT ALL.
    Now I have paid iTunes for the Native Music Radio HD App and It WILL NOT PLAY AT ALL. I enjoyed the music selections and listened everyday at work.
    Pow Wow Radio still works and has never given the File Error
    So can the app be dealt with or can I get a refund?

  23. millsgrn says:

    this is my first time being on here. I love listening to all types of music. since I started listening to the music it has lifted my spirit up like it hasn’t ever been. since July 2013 has been hard on me. one of the hardest things I had to was losing my cat of 19yrs. she was so special, last thanksgiving my hubby fell and broke his ankle in 2 places and also dislocating it. then a few months after that he fell and broke his nose then the first part of july we lost dear sweet djairraid(class act radio)and then the saddest day happen to me on 9-11-14 I lost my hubby of 20yrs I almost lost my dad at the same time but he pulled through then about month later I lost him. so you can see what I have been dealing with for about a yr. also please pray for me cause I have to find a job. the music is so beautiful, uplifting and calming. I am so glad I found this radio station

  24. Larry Thunder Wolf says:

    Paul G….. I can do this every day you know….post, then you can delete and I can re-post. You answer other posts, and keep them up. I wasn’t offensive in the least so what gives?

    Larry Thunder Wolf US Navy Retired
    Mescalero Apache

  25. Larry Thunder Wolf says:

    Since you seem to not have enjoyed my last post, this one will be the one where I tell you my factory will no longer be listing to this station. I will, and already have, found a replacement which plays music more suitable to a Native work environment.

    Larry Thunder Wolf, U.S. Navy Retired
    Mescalero Apache

  26. Larry Thunderwolf says:

    Ok…really confused here. I play this station in the factory here and today I heard the most despicable song lyrics I have ever heard on here. The song was Hundred Dollar Hickey by Black Rain. The first line ” I wanna get stoned…” no problem, I’m ok with some 420 action at the end of a long week however the next lyric to catch my ear ” put your left leg over my shoulder….” again not too bad, but mildly suggestive in my opinion. The final lyric, and how this gets played on a Native station goes beyond my understanding, “I want to get fu__ed up and piss myself….” Really?!?!? This is not what I want playing during the day while my workers are here, actually this is something I don’t want to hear at all. I’m retired Navy and have quite the ” Sailor’s mouth” on occasion….but this was unacceptable. I question many of the selections on this station all the time and ask how can you play this uncensored and not play (for example) anything from The Blessed Blend, a NAMA winning group. To make it all even more ridiculous was the very next song played after…”It takes Jesus to make a house a home”…again…really?!?!? come on now. I get it’s a native radio station, and I get you play all kinds of styles….but can you at least listen to the songs yourself first and play that which is appropriate.


    Larry Thunder Wolf, USN Retired
    Mescalero Apache

    • Thanks for your feedback. We are trying to pull those songs off the station. We only play music that is sent to us. So if you know of a group, tell them to send us their music!

  27. Chuck Onsum says:

    I enjoy listening to Native American music It is very relaxing and played from the heart of the artist. I am not Native American but feel the spirit of Native Americans in this music.

  28. sky eagle says:

    thank you for the variety of different tipes of native music you play on here. aho.

  29. Ron Cook says:

    Oh I just love this music, listen to it every chance I get
    keep up the good work , have told some of my fellow tribe

  30. Carlos Lira. says:

    I like Native music of the people of U.S.A.
    by Otomie Nation of valle del Mezquital, Hidalgo, Mexico.

  31. Duane Causey says:

    I was a young man in the 60,s and 70,s when I started singing northern songs at pow wow’s !!
    Through these years I had a high knowledge of Songs, their related customs and meanings, which to this day I still Respect!!
    I tell you this story because I am White and I just wanted to let you know there are a few that “RESPECT” The Native American Ways!!!
    By the way, I am glad I found this Station!!
    There is not a day that I don’t turn it on and relive the good old days!! Duane Causey

  32. Mato'opi says:

    i just replying to a email.i like to hear the north cree round dance sond

  33. Dorothy Holt says:

    Love your radio station! Can we make requests? I would love to hear Dennis Lakusta.. He has some REALLY good songs. Any chance of that??

  34. Mato'opi says:

    Wonder why powwow radio not on sireusxm radio it be neat to have the fine drums as you travel down the road

  35. I am natural-born psychic you can call me what all your problems i help all nations I can help to Native American community what problems such ass getting back on spiritual path and much more I also have special healing powers call for more details (760)672~1322 duda

  36. listening wind says:


  37. listening wind says:

    He speaks truth we stand wed will we free go to this father and talk the President Tell him he has to make this wrongs right or mather Earth will say TO Father time STAND STAND STAND BRPTHER WARRIORS STAND

  38. sandra lynn wilhelm/ Listening Wind says:

    i got out of the hospital on monday. I missed you all so bad it is nice to hear you all again. I thought of you all every day it was a 14 day stay still cancer free!

  39. She Who Dances with Horses (Carol) says:

    I loved the song Ride My Pony-Charlie Wayne and Peaceful Journey. I have never been so relaxed. Have more like that?

  40. Manuel Baca says:

    I work nights as a Deputy Sheriff and just found this online station. I am very impressed and will be listening to this over the standard radio! Thanx!!!!

  41. Kathy Einwich says:

    Who needs TV or anything else when we have this wonderfulness to listen to? Thank you so much!

  42. Mae (Tiger) Jackson says:

    Full Blood Creek-Seminole from Oklahoma, Mvto/thank you for the variety of great Indian music.

  43. Peter Lusted says:

    Love the station and the choice of music i’ll tell my friends
    on the UK pow-wow scene, great that we can listen to you over here pow-wow and flute music are my favourites

  44. flyinghawk says:

    osiyo very great to have a native non stop songs it is very relaxing and soothing to get close to grandfather sky and mother earth in time of need when needed !! wado

  45. Kathy Caulfield says:

    Will there be a native station on sirus radio? Thanks for the great music on line. A great station to start and end my day. Aquene,
    Dancing Shadow ( New England tribe ” Nipmuc ” )

  46. antonb50 says:

    I am from little far east, Moravian of Czech Republic.I love music and all of American Natives. Thank you for great music.
    Anton B.

  47. Winterhawk says:

    this is great to hear native american music I miss Oklahoma pow wows and miss other natives I meet thank you for this.

  48. samia Goudie says:

    Hello , i AM AN Aboriginal woman in Australia and lived in the USA 12 YEARS ALL UP . a LOT OF THAT 7 YEARS WORTH i LIVED above the tOAS pUEBLO AND in the snow season , would light a fire , no electrcitity and get a fire going and just listen all day to pow wows and songs on radio , now I can do that here , I am aso happy , it takes me back to my time there and helps me.

    thank you

  49. fabrice says:

    Hello, I’m listening to France. beautiful music on your radio, I shared on my blog. thank you to you. Friendships France

  50. Ivan Velasquez says:

    Great job guy’s, I have enjoyed your site and love all the photos you post. Now music very cool, do you plan on adding any story telling someday. Nothing better than sitting down in a quiet place and hearing a good story.

    Ivan V
    White Mountain, Apache

  51. e.alland says:

    I so happy to have found this site !!!! Turn on the music and I turn off the noise of the material world. Unable to join those in Canada Elsipogtog – I listen with prayers & Solidarity with the Mi’kMaq people.

  52. Was so much enjoying your station until Slangblossom – man alive. Please exclude the songs with needless foul language from your playlist! I have to turn it off when you play this, it’s seriously offensive.
    On a positive note, Scott August is amazing and we get lots of compliments in the store when they hear his music! More please!! 🙂

  53. Ronald Cook says:

    I have Lakota, and uto blood , just found your music on internet, love it, keep it up.

  54. sylvain bullett says:

    i have look for a site like this for a long time . this is very very good .am native from québec canada. MERCI tank you….

  55. Hello

    I cannot access audio on I’ve tried on several computers; please advise.


  56. Douglas Rodriguez says:

    I hear my Apache ancestors in every note as it rises as a feather between mother earth and The Creator. The message is spiritual and profound. Thank you!

  57. monasmile says:

    when i need to feel grounded i know i can turn on this station and find something i need to hear

  58. nebulas says:

    share this music, it transcends man made boundaries and speaks to the heart!! let the truth reign and healing continue…

  59. nebulas says:

    what a great way to stay in touch with ‘the people’!!

    do you have any John Trudell??

    Free Leonard!!

  60. Wahanataien says:

    Good Morning Pow Wow . Com…..its a good day to be a 49er from the old school….may peace and happiness find everyone….prayers for all….

  61. patwaninchicago says:

    Native music mixed with nature;
    love it!! Don’t hear much of it in the city…

  62. Wahanataie says:

    tks, I will stay on as long as the tunes roll to the beats….tks again….and have a good one!

  63. Wahanataie says:

    How about some

    Iroquois social music, or pow wow round dance tunes….
    much tks…

  64. Wahanataie says:

    hey, you have any social music to dance too?, or some round dance tunes…it would be nice…Mohawk Nation, Wolf Clain, Tks….

  65. mkwa perrier naganigwane says:

    this is what ive been looking for! luv it! makes my day e thnksveryday!just luv the flute so relaxing!thanks!

  66. SnowfoxmoonstarWalkingshaw says:

    I am so happy to listen to Native Music it brings me much faith when i here our brothers sisters sing of Jesus and our love for him . I am wonderful in his presence as the four winds raise us above all I leave you with truth and peace till our blood is once again one blood. Author Founder A way of life Gatherings Ministry.Snowfox Moonstar Walkingshaw.

  67. Douglas Rodriguez says:

    The spirit of our ancestors lives on in the voices and hearts of their offspring. I treasure the connection. May peace be yours throughout dinetah and the new world; for all mankind.

    What a reminder that Native Americans throughout the Americas, north and south are the backbone of the greatest nation on the face of the earth and the very essence of the fabric that holds our people and all Americans together. Sing and dance for the ages!!!!

    Your beautiful sounds are the feathers of the eagle that enable us to communicate with the ancestors and the creator.

  68. Marianna says:

    Listening to your radio all the way from Finland! and Thank You for giving me this chance to hear this amazingly breathtaking music even though I live so far from you.

  69. Nina Morningstar says:

    Thank you for the music, i was getting home sick here in Ohio…. thinking of my people on the Navajo rez… Hello to everyone in Dinnebito, Arizona. I will be home soon.

  70. Thank you so very much for this fine music,I;m not of Native American Indian but have the heart for them and their music,

  71. Thank for the wonderful music. Doing some searches for bogus “American Indian” orgs and came across this. Love it!

  72. Cree Woman says:

    Northern Fire’s…Stand by me and my fire…by the Black Foot Tribe, aye.

  73. Cree Woman says:

    Hmmm, “Waking Spitit”?? Is that a song for the grill spirit, aaaye! JK. Love the flute; it sends the human spirit up to meet the Creator.


  74. laura sierra says:

    Glad to have found you, Pow-Wows are few here and I was wearing out my record of Hopi chants

  75. Cree Woman says:

    Mike Gouchie – Bad Boys & Angels – If Only ….
    Love his voice.

    Do you plan on ever playing any Buddy Redbow? I know he’s long gone but his songs are powerful and haunting.

    Cree Woman

  76. mwhead says:

    hey to the pow wow n frybread crowds tansi to my people proud to b cree

  77. Olega says:

    I was looking online radio for very long. Now I found it! And I have the opportunity to listen to my favorite music day and night. Thank you very much! 🙂 My poor computer … I can not turn it off completely … 🙂

  78. OSWALDO says:

    NAtive music is a gift for the soul. This music has the beauty of nature, it is unique. I hear it by the firts time
    My prefered composer has been MOZART. But native music is AWESOME.

  79. Sandy says:

    I have tried to get this several times. Can’t seem to get it to play. Any idea why? Would love to listen..

    • You need to have Flash installed. Make sure you have your speakers turned up. Check your speaker connections.

      • Sandy says:

        Well, I know its not the speakers. I listen to pandora on here quite often. Not sure about flash?

  80. Gail says:

    Just stumbled across this site and am so glad. Have long been a fan of native american music–now I can listen to it anytime I want! Thanks so much

  81. Gail says:

    Just stumbled across this site and absolutely love it–could listen to it all day long. Have been a long-time fan of Native American music. Thanks so much.

  82. GREAT addition to the website! Loving the music & variety. MVTO! (many thanks)

  83. Victoria Elliott says:

    I’m so glad to have found this site,I listen on and off all day…sometimes I just blast it,my spirit rejoices to hear our music.Thank You for making my spirit dance …..

  84. mary ottinger says:

    Would love to hear Brule and Airo. Love the American Indian Rock Opera. Seen them once and now have there CD and Video.

  85. Stefan says:

    Very nice to hear the Native Songs here in Germany ….
    I feel so happy when i hear all the Pow Wow Songs.

    My favorite ist Whitehawk & Crowe …awesome !!!!

    Greetings from South-Germany ( Esslingen am Neckar, near Stuttgart )


  86. Phyllis Gunnoe says:

    I have thousands of songs at my fingertips and I would rather listen to Native Music Radio all day long, all day strong!! This is my new FAV!! Thank you!! Totally awesome.

  87. Cree Woman says:

    How beautiful!…..Wikiwam Ahsin – Native American Church of Canada, their harmonizing sounds like Primeaux.

    Cree Woman

  88. Cree Woman says:

    Good Morning,

    Is there any plan in the future for downloading ringtones and ringback tones? I use to have Carlos Nakai ringback but now he doesn’t provide anymore ringback tones.

    Cree Woman

  89. just my luck when i tune in buddy peaderson is playing WTF and right after james taylor jr. SMH cant win today

  90. Geronimo says:

    Great Fan of Native American Singers and Flute Music but you can DUMP that RAP CRAP!
    Leave that for the GHETTO’S!

  91. mcrawford says:

    enjoy listening to the powwow music, thanks for getting this online, don’t hear this in Chicago much,

  92. Juanita Ashley says:

    Very nice,soothing to the soul kind of music! Down to mother earth,brothers,and sisters!!!

  93. Cree Woman says:

    Aho, Megwetch, Wado!

    For this radio station….from Oklahoma.

    (From the Cree/Cherokee Nations)….I know, weird combo. I’m told that all the time but hey, The Creator made me this way and I am proud and grateful. 😉

  94. George David Crain Jr. says:

    Try to get on but cannot you
    even sent me another password but it will not allow
    me in. Please help. miss the site.

  95. sonny says:

    It’s great to know native MUSIC is there when you need to hear it. Regrounds the mind and spirit. Naw-Whe(thank you)

  96. Michelle in Cincinnati says:

    Loved the music until you played Slangblossom – Convulsions – man alive. I will not be listening to the station any more because of this. Too bad.

  97. Maybelle says:

    I’ve been told by older family members that there is no ‘Indian blood’ in our family, so why do I enjoy this music so much? I really like the variety in your music program. Thank you.

  98. Patricia Graffam. says:

    I love this web site,, the native american music is very soothing to hear. I belong to metis in maine. I have already shared this to all my Fb family and friends

  99. Debra Chancellor says:

    I would love to share with my friends as they all know I’m Mohawk from Saint Regis out of New York.

  100. Debra Chancellor says:

    I would love to share this site on my facebook,as my friends all know I’m Mohawk from Akwanasane New York. Thank You.

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