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Posted By Paul G February 16th, 2012 Last Updated on: December 3rd, 2015

NativeMusicRadio.com – Your source for ALL types of Native American music – jazz, rock, rap, country and more!

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Download the Native Music Radio app to listen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

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Siera Young

Wow I never knew this existed…im Northern Arapaho and Assiniboine Sioux. I’m very glad I found this site…gonna spread the word 🙂

Hinmatonyalatkit Franco

Are you guys ever going to update your apple app to iOS 11 or higher, I miss listening on my iPhone

Malcolm McKerry

Unable to listen on my Iphone and Ipad, the site is reading that the developer of this app needs to update to iso 11, can this be corrected at your end? I enjoy the music. Thanks

Malcolm McKerry

Listening from The Navajo Nation here in New Mexico. I have Iphone and an Ipad, was able to listen on these devices but no longer can, its reading that “the developer of this app needs to update it to work with ios 11.” Can this be done? Thanks

Running Doe

Osiyo really enjoy this music much, the drums the songs, it lifts my heart,

Gil Neveaux

Kinda feel like i’m at church…

Steve Little

Mitakuye Oyasin

Donald Moquin (AKA - Grumpy )

If anyone in Barrie Ontario Canada can assist me on my journey-I need help

I am looking for an OPEN public sweat in my area that I can attend but no one seems to be able to help me.

I have some 25% native blood in me and this has been a dream of mine for many many years now.

reply to:


if anyone can assist me-thank you in advance to all my brothers and sisters.

Donald Moquin (AKA - Grumpy )

Just found this online-AWSOME
Its about time my Native Brothers and Sisters.


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