Mr. Beast Gives Away Clothes worth$2.7 Million to Hopi Residents

Mr. Beast Gives Away Clothes worth$2.7 Million to Hopi Residents

We’ve all heard of Mr. Beast, the generous king of YouTube. Jimmy Donaldson has a massive following on the platform in recent years due to his top-tier content. One quality that makes him so admired is his philanthropic side; he is famous for spending hefty sums of money on his YouTube channel, which then goes back to the community thanks to his different humanitarian projects.

A recent addition to his already-impressive list of work is the $ 2.7 million gift he gave to warm the lives of many needy people. In his recent YouTube video, Donaldson talked about how much waste is generated from mass-produced clothes that eventually end up in landfills, causing substantial environmental degradation. He mentioned that approximately 92 million tons of clothing go to waste yearly when millions struggle to keep their bodies covered.

I Gave Away $2,700,000 of Clothes

So he came up with a plan to have $2.7 million worth of unused and mass-produced clothes given away to the deserving people of the Hopi tribe residing in northeastern Arizona. The Hopi people primarily live on the Hopi Reservation and have always been famous for being fantastic artisans and weavers. They used to cultivate cotton for making clothes, which was then traded with other Native American people that went as far as Northern Mexico. 

To accomplish this task, Donaldson’s team reached out to famous clothing brands.  The Ridge and Champion willingly agreed to donate the unused garments. He then collected the clothes and donated them to the Hopi people, who live under quite difficult conditions, especially during the freezing winter season.

The issue facing the Hopi residents today is that the nearest food and clothing stores are hundreds of miles away, making it difficult to meet their daily needs. Imagine walking or driving that far every day to meet your basic needs – that’s truly eye-opening! Furthermore, people have very limited resources for staying warm during the cold weather, especially because wood is very expensive.

Wendy, a local who has been working hard to bring some kind of help to her community, expressed gleefully that “Our kids, our people are so very happy” when talking with Beast Philanthropy. In addition to the clothes, Donaldson’s team also brought 13 tons of fresh nonperishable food items to assist the Hopi tribe’s power through their food crisis.

Besides Arizona, Mr. Beast’s team also traveled to Detroit and throughout the continent to India to provide free clothing to people in need.

Thanks Mr. Beast for helping Indian Country!



2 Comments on “Mr. Beast Gives Away Clothes worth$2.7 Million to Hopi Residents”

  • Avatar for Leatta Slone

    What a beautiful and helpful gift! This was a blessing for everyone. Good job young man!

  • Avatar for Betty



    Be nice if us Native Peoples could receive help. We are non-land Natives who live in cities, who have left Reservations to look for work. But like so many people jobs are hard to come by., because of lay offs like the giants Walmart etc., and checks cover only for basic necessities . therefore we Natives are also, in need. Myself in particular. BWalkingintheshadow

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