Meadow Glen Middle Students Explore Clean Water

Meadow Glen Middle Students Explore Clean Water

My daughter is a student at Meadow Glen Middle School in Lexington, SC.  This past week the 7th grade students presented their Expedition projects.

Each school year the grades work on an Expedition Learning project.  These projects take on topics that are carried over into each class.  The 7th grade studied the True Cost.  They explore the true cost of consumer goods.  The project started with a trip to the mall (perfect for 7th graders, right).  

The students found different garments from various countries and tracked the costs.  In Math, they took these costs and plotted the numbers on charts to further examine the differences in costs.  My daughter's group preformed music that referenced the conditions of factory workers.  In English Language Arts they read a book about a young girl that worked in a clothing factory.  The Social Studies classes created pamphlets.


In Science the students learn about the causes and results of water pollution.  They studied this topic through two clean water issues Flint, Michigan and Dakota Access Pipeline.

After seeing so many media outlets shying away from these topics, it is refreshing to see a middle school taking on these social issue head on!

Congrats to the faculty and staff of Meadow Glen Middle for giving the students the platform and freedom to explore any topic.

Hopefully more schools will adopt this philosophy!

If you support their efforts, please take a moment to let the administration know!

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