Married Two-Spirit Couple win Amazing Race Canada 2019!!

Married Two-Spirit Couple win Amazing Race Canada 2019!!

“OMG, they won” , was my first initial reaction when I learned that Anthony Johnson (Navajo) and James Makokis (Cree) won this years Amazing Race Canada 2019! Wow!

If you've never seen Amazing Race basically its a reality show where the participants, “embark on the race of a lifetime, all vying for the grand prize at the finish line”  .(CTV

Their win has garnered tons of positive response thru out Indian Country, here are some of the comments from Indigenous folks who've been watching the show:

Nadine – And to finish on the traditional territory of the Anishnabe ! Was a great show this year and these 2 deserved to win ! They supported many other players and were very respectful ! I was cheering for them each leg of the race!

Viola – They both shared grace integrity and great sportsmanship!!!
Awesome and very proud of you!!

Gwenn – So proud of you two! And you did it with humor and teamwork without lying or cheating!

Ruth – Congrats guys! I was cheering you on every episode!!

Deena – Congratulations! Thank you both for making our people strong as we all are 💙💙

And you guys can believe that both Anthony and James made sure to rep Contemporary Native Issues thru their Amazing Race challenges, for instance, they made sure to wear red to bring awareness to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, they also wore blue bandana's to signify, “water is life” . And of course, like the rock stars they are, they wore the rainbow ribbon to represent the LGBT community!

James is now using his platform to help build a Cree Cultural Healing Centre, you can donate here!

Congrats Anthony & James from and Indian Country for a job well done!

Photos Courtesy of CTV

One Comment “Married Two-Spirit Couple win Amazing Race Canada 2019!!”

  • Avatar for John Tambeau

    John Tambeau


    Wonderful great spoken representation of there tribes. Beautiful and a hot couple not often you get to see a two spirit couple in the spotlight like this. I only wish that they become role models for there people as the north american tribal people need more positive role models and especially two spirit people.

    Be well


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