GoPro Hero 8 Black Giveaway – August 2020

GoPro Hero 8 Black Giveaway – August 2020

Posted By Paul G August 8th, 2020 Last Updated on: August 15th, 2020

Now that I'm starting to feel better from my surgery, it is time for a giveaway!

Pow Wows are going to start back, so let's be ready for it with a new camera!  Take this GoPro Hero 8 Black on your next Pow Wow road trip to capture all the action with incredible photos and videos.

And this GoPro comes with all the accessories you need!

Prize Includes:

  • GoPro Hero 8 Black
  • 2 GoPro Batteries
  • Case
  • 32 GB Micro SD Card
  • Floating Handle Grip
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Mounts and Screw

Remember to enter as many options as you can – the more ways you enter the better chances you have to win.

Good luck!



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31 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 8 Black Giveaway – August 2020

  1. Kathleen says:

    Miigwech for having this lovely draw. . . and all the things that were available to watch and to listen to the inspirational dancing, drumming, music and song !! . . . There is an incredible amount of information on this page to go over and totally enjoy at your leisure !! . . .I listened to a lot of U-Tube videos, I saved the recipes for the Fry Bread ! . . . I love the tutorials that are available also on this site. Sometimes there are not enough to see, but this website certainly has everything in one place and a big miigwech for sharing it with all of us at this time of Covid 10… Stay Safe, Stay Home, Wear a Mask ! . . . Many Blessings and Prayers for all who are struggling with bad health from the Pandemic…. just keep in mind, we are all in this together and our Creator will help get us thru this !! . . . Many blessings !!

  2. Beatrice Campbell says:

    Yes Please. Many Thanks, I am grateful for this opportunity. How do I enter to win?

  3. What app or plugin are you using to run this contest, it’s cool! I loved watching all the videos, and checking out the stores. Very scool stuff, and a VERY important message. This is awesome.

  4. Martha Farrellbegg says:

    I hope to have my entry registered….I get lots of very interesting information regarding the Native people….I wish I had the power to make this world right and that all nations would treat Native people equally…it breaks my heart to know about all the unfair things that have been happening for years…EQUALITY FOR ALL is my prayer!

  5. Paul Tipp says:

    I would like to win also , but the ENTRY TAB still doesn’t work to get entered in the GIVEAWAY.

  6. Lee Morelli says:

    So you drink the kool ade and have a political statement on your sweepstakes site. shame on you.

  7. David Birmingham says:

    would you please correct the rules which say “You may enter only once and” by adding the word daily, to make them read “You may enter only once daily and”

  8. So glad to hear you are feeling better. We are trying to adjust in our state of Oklahoma, to deal with the rapid cases of Coronavirus, especially with the children returning back to school physically. A bit of a conundrum for many families who feel against this decision. I pray for your families who are facing the same situation that they find peace in prayer to help them through their struggles of their days. Peace to all .

    • Brooke M. Grimes says:

      Keep healing & wear your mask!🤗 Will be happy to get back to attending PowWows, although there aren’t too many where I am in FL. Of course, there’s always Musical Echoes, which is my annual “staycation ” in April. Just being able to travel ANY will be exciting!!

  9. Sheila E Mitchell says:

    Osiyo I watched The Boyz twice and didn’t get +10 all of the others worked.

  10. Paul Tipp says:

    I am experiencing the same problems that everyone else is about trying to enter the GIVEAWAY for the GOPRO HERO 8. Every time I hit enter nothing happens except to continue tapping on the enter key. Hopefully this problem can be corrected so we can enter the GIVEAWAY easier.

  11. Patricia Cipolla says:

    when I click on these 3 entries nothing happens but all the others work Watch Gourd Dance Video
    Watch The Boyz
    Subscribe on Messenger

      • Patricia Cipolla says:

        thanks Karen, this is a Chromebook so it only has Chrome browser, but I will try it on a windows computer which has several browsers, thanx for imfo

    • Blessings and prayers for you and your family, Paul. Here’s to your continued recovery!

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