Explore Native – Native American Heritage Month Contest

Explore Native – Native American Heritage Month Contest

Posted By Paul G October 29th, 2018 Last Updated on: November 11th, 2019

Explore Native will show you ways to Explore Native American Culture during Native American Heritage Month.

Whether you are a Pow Wow dancer, a Native American scholar, or just someone interested in Native Culture, Explore Native will provide you new ways to learn about this vibrant culture.

The entry form below will challenge you to Explore Native Culture in new ways!

When you enter the contest, you'll be added to a special email newsletter.  Each day during November, you'll recieve an email about Native American culture.  In each email, you'll get a special code.  Enter these codes each day into the contest form for special entries.

The codes are ONLY available in the email.

Good Luck!

Explore Native Contest

Contest Entry Form


  • 1st – Nike N7 Pendleton Blanket
  • 2nd – Tommy Bahama Pendleton Duffle Bag
  • 3rd – 1 Yard of Navy Teton Trade Cloth 3 Band
  • 4th – 1 Yard of Red Teton Trade Cloth 3 Band
  • 5th – Set of 3 PowWows.com Coloring Books
  • 6th – All My Relations Sweatshirt
  • 7th – We Are Turtle Island T-Shirt
  • 8th –  Pow Wow Life T-Shirt
  • 9th – Prize Pack
  • 10th – Prize Pack
  • 11-15th – Smoke Signals T-Shirt (XL and XXL Only)

Contest open to people in the United States and Canada only.

Entering the contest subscribes you to the PowWows.com and Pendleton email newsletters.

PowWows.com may use your Rock the Moc photo in promotional material.

Nike N7 Pendleton Blanket

The 7 Generations Blanket is Pendleton's newest partnership with Nike's N7 Fund, a trust whose mission is to bring sports to Native American and Aboriginal communities in the US and Canada.  This USA-made wool blanket illustrates the past, present and future of Native peoples. The central N7 motif represents the impact of each person (the diamond) on the three generations before and after (arrows). A storm pattern with zigzags of lightning honors heritage, while steps show the path to overcoming life’s challenges. The rich colors were inspired by traditional dyes, and reflect the beauty of the southwestern landscape. Designed by Diné artist Tracie Jackson.  A portion of the proceeds from the 7 Generations Blanket sales will go to the American Indian College Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps fund scholarships for Native American students and tribal colleges. 

Nike N7 Fund Mission Nike N7 is committed to encouraging sports participation among Native American and Aboriginal youth in the US and Canada. The fund is founded on the belief that sports have the power to unleash human potential, leading to greater self-confidence and enabling youth to be a force for positive change in their communities.

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Tommy Bahama Pendleton Duffle Bag

Tommy Bahama and Pendleton Woolen Mills have joined forces on an extraordinary new collaboration that celebrates these two iconic lifestyle brands' love of the great outdoors and commitment to quality and style. This comes to life in the Tommy Bahama & Pendleton collection of men's and women's apparel, accessories, and home products. Tommy Bahama, based in Seattle, WA, and Pendleton®, based in Portland, OR, share a Pacific Northwest sensibility and a unique appreciation of the outdoor lifestyle and love of the beach and the surf.

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Pow Wow Coloring Book

The Pow Wow coloring books include a wide variety of designs that are taken from authentic Native American blankets, beadwork, patchwork, and ribbon work seen at Pow Wows. In fact, the coloring book itself was created by PowWow.com, which is one of the leading online resources for Native American culture. And Volume 3 features designs inspired by Pow Wow photos!  Color pages of your favorite Pow Wow dance styles.

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105 thoughts on “Explore Native – Native American Heritage Month Contest

  1. Teresa Ford says:

    I want to receive emails to learn about Native American culture, and history. I am 1/8 Shonnee on my mothers side. Cherokee on dad’s. My grandma told me stories about how she was treated for being of mixed bloods. Thank you for this offer.

  2. Stacia Pedro says:

    Good Morning, I’m from the Tohono O’odham tribe in southwestren Arizona and our people don’t wear moccasins.
    However I would love to have a pair. They are so beautiful.

  3. Gilbert Baron says:

    I got the code but there is no place to put it. This process is confusing and overly complex and needs a lot of work.

    I do enjoy the Pow Wow streams and attend a couple each year here in Minnesota.

  4. Christina Mould says:

    Family rumours say that my grandfather’s grandparent was Native American. I am trying to find out which Nation. It has been hard due to nobody n the family really knowing the truth. I am going on the off chance there is and being raised in Arizona, where there are 22 tribes, I have always felt drawn to the Native lore and always look forward to learning more about my possible ansestry and home lands.

  5. Shortie Warren says:

    I’m having trouble getting the form to load! Tried all 3 browsers and my IPad and nothing!

  6. Lisa Williams says:

    It’s good to learn all Tribes throughout our Nation. It’s good to know your background of your own Tribe too. It’s going to be a awesome month of recognition & learning.

      • I’m also having problems entering code.
        I finally got email with code. Then I go to where it tells me to go. Then again enter name and email. It never opens the place to enter code. I’m tired of trying it’s been days. You need to fix it or close it. Is very frustrating. I am removing from the site in one more day. I’m glad it’s not ONLY me with this problem.

  7. Tamara Tanner says:

    I want to know where your contest page always goes….I enter everyday and than it is just gone??? happens during every contest I have done with you…

      • Pearleen Kanewopasikot says:

        How are the prizes going to be awarded? Dii I es the people who are in places 1-15 with points win the corresponding prizes listed or will it be a random draw?

        • We will draw names randomly. The more ways you enter the more chances you have to win. It will be random though. You could win with only 1 entry!

        • Trudy Wilson says:

          I still don’t see where I can enter for the Pendleton Blanket.
          Thank you.
          Trudy Wilson

  8. Take notes on decolonization, learn, adapt, resist, be NDN, don’t preach, don’t judge, observe and realize your place among all that surrounds you. Aoo, bii’gaah

  9. thomas Stone says:

    non Indian but have danced, taught Indian crafts and tipi etiquette for 30 years. What to gain every bit of authentic details about tipi living – one being, did some tribes utilize ‘position stick’ to identify the family living in a tipi.

  10. Jackie Wood says:

    I am a senior citizen I really enjoy listening to the music to fall asleep by so peacefully thank you 🙏 May you all be blessed, Jackie Wood

    • Ntuthko Ngcobo says:


      I saw a competion by powwow on twitter. So i came here to check if i qualify to compete hence im im from South Africa and i live there

  11. Darlene Pavek says:

    I would love to win the blanket.. I go to Pow Wows in my area whenever I can..
    Are we supposed to get an email everyday with a code? Because I get some emails, but no codes in them..
    Just wondering.

  12. Noreen Schaan says:

    I would love to win any of the awesome prizes. Good luck everyone!🤞🤞🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀😊👍

    • Takes Wing says:

      I would love to win any of the prizes as well! I have a disability so walking and getting out is difficult but I could definitely enjoy wrapping a warm blanket around me!

  13. Hey there Paul! Cool contest. I am having trouble with my code. I just got it a min ago and when I tried to enter it, it said it was invalid. Help! I want to win!!!!

  14. David Boman says:

    I’ve always loved all things Native American !!!!! All of the articles of clothing , blankets , jewelry , music , etc , etc , etc..has & always will be Beautiful and Unique in every way possible !! I have never won anything in my life and I am hoping that I will be lucky to win something from this contest !!!!! IF I DO win something , I Will do some kind of DANCE !!!!! a HAPPY one !!!!! PEACE and blessings to you and your family… sincerely , Dave ” Backpack” Boman

  15. I think that Pendleton blankets are an excellent representation of the Indian culture and art. Displaying the art on beds across the Nation. Thank you Pendleton for making bedrooms around the world a work of art.

  16. Mary Barrett says:

    I absolutely love this site
    The information I’ve found has been very helpful. I love the Pendleton blanket, very beautiful.

      • Sandra Fioti says:

        The blanket is beautiful even if we haven’t seen it yet. I live in Idaho. Everything here that has to do with Native Americans are totally outrageous. Lived in Tucson many years. I love the jewelry. I got 3 rings before we left. Thank you for giving all of us a chance to win so many things. The Great Creator bless you.

  17. Geoffrey Nielson says:

    Mitakune Oyasin my relatives.
    Great Grandfather awakens me early for the traditions of prayer and meditation.
    I admit that I am a small child. I had been routed away from my 1st Nations Culture and People. I am very mixed.
    I would like to learn about the tribes that I am from. They are Kiowa, Ponca, Pawnee and Sioux.
    My prayer on the trail today is that I follow Creator`s design for today. That I not struggle in my childish ways and rest in the Cradle of Great Spirit.
    I offer tobacco, sage, sweetgrass and cedar. I will return to prayer and smudge through the day. Elders, Sisters and Brothers, today may I learn and better today.

  18. Latasha Thompson says:

    I love this website and informational emails! I would be happy to win anything from this site .

  19. I am part Native American of the Abenaki People of Maine & have always loved the Pendleton Blankets, but could never afford one! I would be so happy & proud to be the owner of one of these incredible blankets!!

  20. I love all your products and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a little luxury in they life!!

  21. Angela B says:

    Thank you for bringing us all together for this Great Awakening!!…We are all people together, from the beginning this was the Great Spirits intention, A’HO!!

  22. Going to see the Pow Wow in Indigo at Fantasy Spring Resort and Casino over the Thanksgiving weekend. Can’t wait. Been wanting to see their beautiful dances and clothing and learn more about their culture. Counting the days.

  23. Evangeline Martinez says:

    DNA showd i am 38% native would like to know what tribes. My mother was born in Yuma, AZ, Yaqui and my dad was born in Santa Rita, New Mexico Apache. Would like to verify.

  24. Steve Lemner says:

    Great!! Answers so many questions! I lookfowrd to learning more. The blanket is exquisite !

  25. Suzanne Sheppard says:

    I love learning about my Mi’kmaq culture and my grandkids Ojibway culture.

  26. Alison Arciniaga Cutler says:

    My father did the ancestry dna test and it came back 60% Native American. I also know there is Native American on my mother’s side, however, both sides are from Mexico. Is there a registry online that shows a maps of the different tribes in the North American continent?

  27. Patricia J Farghaly says:

    I would love to know more about my Niantic Heartiage from Niantic Connecticut. I heard and have seen proof from age 3 up. From family and strangers .This site makes me proud that ancestors are not forgotten and one can still learn. Thank you.

  28. Noreen Schaan (Ironchild) says:

    I would love to learn how to set up a teepee and also what the significance is for the way it is to be set-up according to the traditional design and way?

  29. Noreen Schaan says:

    I would love to learn more about my Cree and Salteaux heritage? . I’m from Piapot First Nation in Southern Saskatchewan area of Canada.

    We became your citizens, by the choosing of others. We were free independent nations of which there were many, across this great land, from ocean to ocean, from the mountains and the prairies, from where the sun rises to where it sets into darkness. We were the first people in this land.
    We were free to love the land and all within, many places sacred. We took and used only that which we needed to live and raise our families. We respected all within and on the land. Why have so many forgotten? We welcomed many others, strangers from afar to our lands but those we welcomed took that which was not theirs and made many demands. We were forced to the will of others and to their ways of life, to lands of others choosing because our numbers were not as great. Why have so many forgotten? Our leaders were strong and great also but their words were not heard, their voices were silenced forever. Our children were forced to abandon our customs, our way of life. Why have so many forgotten? We were hunted, not respected. We were hostile and savages when we protected ourselves, our families, our lands, our way of life and all that was ours. Why have so many forgotten?

    Forgiveness for all those past injustices to the native peoples all begins with the knowledge of whose lands and dwellings were intruded into and who was wronged by violating the traditions and customs of those dwellings, our people and the taking of our lands. Much has been taken from us and much has not been honored, the promises and treaties. There are many others you would welcome now but who have now also intruded into this land and who wronged you now by violating your traditions, customs and laws. Now this land and nation has been violated by those from other lands and too many do not defend that which you believe is yours and where you have settled. Is there now a difference or maybe you do not care as we did and do! So then we now ask you. Why have so many forgotten? Dave ‘Mato Sapa Iya’ Formica 1999.

  31. Brian Bee says:

    I’d like to learn more about my Native American Spirit Guides. I don’t have Native American heritage but have my Guides, I have two warriors, two wolves and a hawk. I consider myself very lucky and humble to have them, I talk to them daily, in my heart and soul. Is there something I can do to show them my appreciation..
    Thank You
    Brian Bee
    P. S. Please only use my last name here..

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