Crystal Starr speaks at TEDx on preserving language

Crystal Starr speaks at TEDx on preserving language

Crystal Starr was invited in January to speak at her local TEDx McMinnville.

Crystal shares her personal story of language revitalization for Chinuk Wawa.

“This is dedicated to each person who watches this now & in the future. I faced my fears of getting in stage in front of a 300+ audience to speak my truth. My partner David Fullerton said he was nervous for me on stage😆 But supported me through the process. In our time together he's always believed in me, even when I didn't. David is a crucial part of where I'm at today because of his love hayu masi.

Remember to always speak your truth because you are worth listening to.” -Crystal Starr

In this talk Crystal Starr Szczepanski teaches us about one of the traditional indigenous languages of the pacific northwest. She shares her personal journey in helping revitalize and heal chinuk wawa.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

About Crystal Star Szczepanski

Crystal Starr Szczepanski is Athabaskan, Yupik and Colville. She has worked for the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde since 1997. Crystal is a certified teacher of Chinuk Wawa and an advocate for all Indigenous languages. She believes in strongly advocating for any native language and culture. “When we hear our children speak, that is when we hear our ancestors.” –


One Comment “Crystal Starr speaks at TEDx on preserving language”

  • Avatar for Axelle Busschots

    Axelle Busschots


    Merci , merci , merci à Crystal Starr pour sa vidéo conférence sur sa langue maternelle . Tout à fait en accord avec elle . Il est important de s’ouvrir au monde mais il est tout aussi important de garder et de parler sa langue originaire ainsi que de garder des liens avec sa communauté ( sa tribu ) pour pouvoir garder sa spécificité . Pouvoir se construire et s’ancrer dans la vie . La diversité est la richesse de ce monde et cela nous permet de pouvoir garder notre coeur ouvert . Merci . Aho ! ” A toutes mes relations ” Migwe .

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