Census 2020 Giveaway – Shape Our Future

Census 2020 Giveaway – Shape Our Future

Posted By Paul G May 4th, 2020 Last Updated on: May 5th, 2020

Now is the time to Shape Our Future!

Census 2020 will determine how millions of federal $ is divided over the next 10 years.  More importantly, the Census numbers will be used to determine representation on local, state, and federal levels.  

Indian Country Counts

In 2010 Amerian Indians were undercounted by more than 5%.  Let's not let that happen again.

Complete your Census now!

PowWows.com is excited to partner with Census 2020 to help raise awareness.  

What better way to learn more than with a giveaway!

How to Enter

Enter the contest using the form below.  

The contest is open worldwide!

However, any winner outside the US may not receive the same prize.  Shipping costs may be too expensive.  Winners outside the US will receive a gift card of equal value to the prize they won.

Having trouble with bonus codes?

Click the “View Entries” below to see a list of all your points.  Many people are getting errors, but have already received credit for the code.  You can only enter a code one time!  You can, however, enter different codes.

The more ways you enter, the better chance you have.  The winners will be determined by random draw.  

You can gain extra entries in the contest by completing more tasks.  Some tasks can be doing daily!

Check back often, I'll be adding more ways to enter throughout the contest.

AND you can get bonus codes by watching videos on our Facebook and Youtube channels.  These are exclusive codes that will be released either in the comments or in the video content.


  • Chief Joseph Pendleton Blanket
  • $50 Amazon.com Gift Card
  • Native Strong Sweatshirt
  • Native Strong Tshirt
  • Native Strong Tshirt


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Your site very healthy


These blankets reminds me when we fell on hard times blankets like these blankets is keep me warm through the winters to make through apart from the beauty in the patterns

leona tonasket

i just found this site and i am so grateful that i did!

Karen Nowakowski

Dear Paul,

Thank you for all the hard work you do maintaining this website, running the contests and providing such a great forum!

Karen Conger-Nowakowski

Carolyne Lain

For the first time since I joined, I could not find a bonus code for May 19th, even though I checked several times for it. Was it missing or am I blind?


thanks for sharing

Charlene Auhage

Bonus number invalid again today!!!

Joan Maxwell

It is now June 4th and am still getting invites to enter the contest but when I get there it says it is closed/ended.
Can you please update your emails? And who won?

Karen Nowakowski

I clicked on today’s link and it took me to ‘page not found’ : https://shopnative.powwows.com/directory/2-inch-abalone-rounds/
No bonus code for today, either!

Carolyne Lain

I have attempted to enter two different email addresses of friends I want to recommend but keep being asked to enter a valid email address. I use these addresses all the time and know they are both valid. What might I be doing wrong?

Carolyne Lain

Watching the video made my heart sing. Thank you.

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