Census 2020 for Native Americans – Make Sure You’re Counted

Posted By Paul G April 14th, 2020 Last Updated on: April 20th, 2020

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As the time comes for counting all the people living within the United States, many people with tribal ancestry wonder if the Native American census makes a difference. As with any other population and especially marginalized groups, getting complete and accurate information is essential for creating helpful policies and appropriately representing the needs of everyone who lives in every state.

Why Census 2020 Matters for Native Americans

Both historical and present-day impressions that Native Americans simply do not count when it comes to creating laws or protecting rights in this country are strong. The census is designed to make sure that everyone is recognized so they are taken into account when creating federal programs, new initiatives, and making important changes to existing laws and regulations.

In past years, the American Indian census response rates have been the lowest of any group in the USA. This gives the government a false indication of just how many people are associated with the diverse range of nations spread all across the continent. With insufficient data, it becomes easier for governmental agencies to not fund programs or hear from Native Americans who understand how the modern world affects those who live both on and off reservations.

How to Help the Native American Census Process

The first way to improve representation is to fill out the census forms completely yourself. Give complete and accurate information and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Beyond that, tribal governments and elders who have more influence on the people in their vicinity and cultural group can also push for more census compliance.

The US government offers a selection of information packets specifically intended to give important information and guide the American Indians and Alaskan Native populations to provide more data to increase their representation in the country. Also, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) will continue its efforts to boost numbers with a comprehensive educational campaign.

This organization puts forth the following reasons to fill out the census accurately: 

  • Helps to ensure an NA voice in the government
  • Enforces equitable distribution of national resources and money
  • Prevents underrepresentation that existed in other years

These essential actions make it more important than ever before to take the Census 2020 if you are a Native American. Get involved with the process as much as possible, and make sure your friends and family understand how important it is to share this information with the government.

For all the faults the government has when it comes to serving the American Indian population, it becomes even more difficult for them to provide necessary services and listen to the community's unique needs if they do not know it exists. Failure to stand up and be counted means it becomes that much easier for the officials in Washington DC to ignore problems specifically affecting this underrepresented population. When you get the papers in the mail, fill them out completely and accurately. You can also go online to fill out your Native American census forms in a quick and convenient way.

Share the news about the Native American Census 2020 with friends and family. These social media posts and marketing materials are free to use and distribute.

Full US Census Press Kit with graphics, pre-written blog posts, statistical information and more. The slogan for 2020 is “Shape Our Future.”

The federal government also offers a variety of social media graphics and post styles for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more of the popular sites. They include eye-catching photos of multi-cultural people taking part in group activities.

If you want to create a community outreach program for your Native American group, the US Census Bureau has also put together an instructional census toolkit and a group workshop instructional brochure.

Share Census Information

Below are a few posts about the Census you can share!

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