The Best Native Charities To Support on #GivingTuesday

The Best Native Charities To Support on #GivingTuesday

Posted By Paul G November 27th, 2017 Blog

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You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what about Giving Tuesday?

This holiday is all about encouraging people everything to give their money to worthy charities that can improve the lives and well-being of others. So, if you are on board with supporting the cause and giving back this #GivingTuesday and you want to support the native community, where should you donate?

There are a number of great Native charities that are doing excellent work and making a positive difference. Check with your local tribal communities for ways you can give locally as well.

Let’s take a look at some of these charities so that you can choose who you want to support this Tuesday.

From Federal Trade Commission:

If you’re considering a request for a donation to a charity, do some research before you give. By finding out as much as you can about the charity, you can avoid fraudsters who try to take advantage of your generosity. Here are tips to help make sure your charitable contributions are put to good use. For more information, visit

Partnership With Native Americans

Did you know that approximately 90,000 American-Indian families are under-housed or homeless? When you donate to the Partnership with Native Americans you can support the work they do with 60 tribes all across the country, impacting 250,000 Native Americans.

They focus on immediate needs related to health, nutrition, education, holiday support, and emergency relief as well as animal welfare. For example, one of their projects is related to encouraging homegrown food sources as a way of decreasing diet-related diseases and combating food insecurity.

Adopt a Native Elder Program

Elderly people can be some of the most vulnerable members of any society, so this charity works to support the elders who live in the Dine' (Navajo) reservation. Many live traditionally in remote areas, raise sheep and live off the land.

The program supports them by providing medicine, food, clothing, yarn, and fabric. These much-needed supplies are delivered during the semi-annual food runs which take place in the spring and the fall.

The American Indian College Fund

Many Native Americans do not have the funds to attend college and missing out on the chance to better their lives through higher education can keep them trapped in the cycle of poverty.

This important charity disburses approximately six thousand scholarships every year for Native American students, as well as providing support such as cultural preservation activities, capital support and more.

The Native American Heritage Association

This long-standing charity has been helping Native Americans since 1993. It focuses on two of the poorest counties in America, the Pine Ridge and Crow Creek Reservations in South Dakota. The charity also offers support to other reservations in the area including Rosebud, Cheyenne River and Lower Brule.

With the help of donations from people like you, they provide basic life necessities and emergency food supplies to these communities. Many times, without the donations from NAHA, Native American families in these reservations wouldn’t have anything to feed their elders and children.

The Native American Rights Fund

The role of the Native American Rights Fund is to ensure that the US State governments and federal governments live up to their legal obligations. Also, this charity is dedicated to providing legal representation and assistance to trips, individuals, and organizations across the country.

For example, one of the earliest cases that NARF assisted with resulted in the 1974 Boldt Decision, in which a US district judge rules that Washington State had to uphold tribal treaty fishing rights.

These are just 5 charities that help American Indians.  There are dozens of great organizations doing amazing work for our people.

Find a cause you believe in an suppor them on Giving Tuesday!

Where will you donate this #GivingTuesday?

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15 thoughts on “The Best Native Charities To Support on #GivingTuesday

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  2. Malina says:

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place, but I am making a jingle dress and would like to donate it. Where should i do that? I would prefer if it was in MN.

    Any response is greatly appreciated,

    • What about the AIEBC? We have been here for well over 10 years, no one is paid, everyone is a volunteer and we believe that we make a difference in training, education, guidance and holiday awareness. We have changed peoples attitudes about their conception of AI’s

  3. Carolyn wagner says:

    Looking for fundraiser garage type sale in Salem Oregon area to support tribes affected by floods. Downsizing and would like to see my Native items go for good cause and into hands of people who would appreciate them.

  4. Carol Neumann says:

    I’m starting a jewelry business and would like to know if there are any American Indian tribes that create authentic American Indian charms, etc. teepees, dreamcatchers, feathers. I would like to be able to purchase these directly from these tribes, if possible. Or could you tell me where I could purchase such items? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    I have been a supporter of American Indian causes for a long time (myself having been told have American Indian ancestry). I’m not sure what tribe or just how far back it goes.

    • Karen Livolsi says:

      I am looking for the same type of information; I volunteered to lead our CFC ( Combined Federal Campaign) and would like to add a particular charity – St. Joseph’s Indian School – but I don’t see it in the list of regular recipients, such as American Cancer Society and those types of organizations. If I could get a representative from a local (upstate NY) American Indian Reservation, and or counsel, I think it could give some weight to my charity, even though they are in North Dakota.

  5. Steven f. Valler says:

    I would like to set up a Charity Drive four five native charities I want to help St Joseph Indian School/ Red Cloud Indian School/ st. Labre Indian School/ Native American college fund/ and Native American rights fund/ but I’m unable to get anything started i really truly want to help any help will be much appreciative thank you. P.s. i use gray wolf valler on Facebook.

  6. Be careful about referencing the correct charity; the article you attached wrote about American Indian Heritage Foundation, NOT Native American Heritage Association, which, as another person replied, has an Excellent Rating on Charity Navigator.

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