Top Native American Documentaries – Learn The Real Story of Native Culture in History and Today

Learning with documentary movies and TV series captures the mind and helps you experience the truth about a particular time, place, or people in a more engaging way. Native American documentaries have shown glimpses of both historical events, individuals, and current issues that have to do with the first nation's...

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The Media Doesn’t Show Everything! Here’s Some Aspects of Native American Communities You Won’t See on TV

Here's Some Aspects of Native American Communities You Won't See on TV Being a part of the many Native American communities across the country means many things.  How much do you know about Native American communities? You will be surprised at how negligible is the information you have about our...

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Indian Horse Film Means More

Indian Horse is more than just a film. The movie is based from the novel by Richard Wagamese. Indian Horse Film is the collaboration between talented indigenous people and great filmmakers. According to Edna Manitowabi, she was sent to a Catholic residential school at the age of six. The actress...

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Women of Standing Rock #GreenTheRez

Phyllis Young has been an environmental activist for decades. Recently she spoke about the broken promised by US government to the citizens of Standing Rock. Mikki Willis asked Phyllis, “As you push towards your fifth decade of working very hard as an environmental activist, has anything changed?” Phyllis said, “In 1956,...

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Free Email Series: What to Expect at Your First Pow Wow