American Genocide Podcast

American Genocide Podcast

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The awaited trailer of the “American Genocide” is out now from IllumniNative.

IllumiNative, a woman-led social justice organization, is launching a new podcast named “American Genocide” that will highlight the eye-opening abuse and neglect of Native American children at the former boarding school, Red Cloud Indian School, on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation. 

The podcast is based on six episodes in which IllumiNative founder Lashay Wesley (Choctaw) and Crystal Echo Hawk (Pawnee) tried their best to look into every aspect of Pine Ridge and ensure to provide justice for Native children who lost their lives due to inhumane behaviors and injustice at Red Cloud. The podcast also ensures to provide justice or at least raise voices against the culprits at Red Cloud for abused children who experienced painful days.

Remember that the crimes of the Native American boarding schools caused an unprecedented federal investigation against the hundreds of Native Boarding Schools. Due to this, more than 100,000 children were investigated to learn about the crimes. During the investigation, one school becomes the epicenter of the controversy: Red Cloud Indian School. Although many consider the school an essential part of the Pine Ridge Reservation- home to the Oglala Lakota tribe, most people see it as a model of generational trauma.

While it’s true that the US government is admitting the negative side of the church-facilitated campaign of genocide, the government’s efforts to provide justice to children are leading to great tension in the Native community.

According to Echo-Hawk, the US government and Catholic Church forced children and are the culprit of the genocide. And the sad reality is that no one knows about this horrific story of the Native community. American Genocide will get into the history of Red Cloud’s past. The podcast will bring people’s attention to the negative side of the organization so that people who have forgotten the past or don’t know the facts learn about it.

Each episode will provide listeners with an embedded perspective through interviews of local elders, school administrators, US Department of the Interior Deb Haaland, young activists, and survivors. The podcast will also highlight the growing tension between the community of youth activists and the school. The listeners will learn about both sides to decide whether it’s right to allow Red Cloud to operate in the country. If you want to know the untold stories of the American Genocide, be ready to listen to this podcast.


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