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Indigenous Boy Cuts Hair After Bullying

This indigenous boy cuts his hair due to bullying — but now he's trying to help other kids open up! From CBC: A young First Nations boy from Cold Lake, Alta., cut his long hair Saturday after enduring what his family called years of bullying in school. Mylon McArthur, 8, told...

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New “Americans” Exhibit Reveals Indians Are Everywhere

American Indian images, names, and stories infuse American history and contemporary life. The images are everywhere, from the Land O’Lakes butter maiden to the Cleveland Indians’ mascot, and from classic Westerns and cartoons to episodes of Seinfeld and South Park. American Indian names are everywhere too, from state, city, and...

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Commod Bod – Marty Two Bulls

Commod Bod - Marty Two Bulls   Disclaimer The views expressed in the editorial cartoon are not necessarily that of publishes these editorial cartoons weekly to highlight issues in Indian Country.  We hope these cartoons will help start conversations about these issues.

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